5 Cool Ideas to Get Teams Started


The first step to assembling a team can be challenging when team members have different backgrounds, unique personal agendas, and unrelated methodologies. If it is difficult to get busy people to sit at the same table, it can be much more challenging to get a team emotionally centered. Here are 5 Cool Ideas to get teams started.

1.  A meaningful quote can provide solidarity and purpose. 
We know that a picture is worth a thousand words, but what is a word worth? Well, a word can be invaluable if it helps center a team on a theme. A special word can unify and educate. Introduce a word every day and over time, people will increase their vocabularies. Share a combination of words like a quote or a song lyric to cultivate passion and a sense of team spirit.

2.  Workers relate better when they learn about each other.
Elton Mayo, founder of the modern day Human Resource department, taught us that workers have a need to feel like they belong. A sense of belonging sets the stage for employee retention, loyalty, and a general sense of espirit d’corp. Have team members share something about themselves that no one else knows. This process is fun and builds rapport like no other exercise. People will offer the most interesting information as they try to entertain and make each other laugh and think. You can do this exercise every week for a month and it will never get old.

3.  Have a look at the past. 
Have everyone bring a childhood photo to work. Scan the photos into a presentation and have fun guessing who is who. Tell stories about the photos and enjoy each other as you discuss things that have nothing to do with work. Then, get down to business.

4.  Group reading can establish work themes team and teach lessons. 
Many work groups participate in book clubs. Team members come to work a half-hour early one day a week to discuss a book that everyone is reading. Take turns having everyone recommend a book.

5.  Present one Cool Idea a day.
Get the ideas from my 5 Cool Ideas book series. Use the books to present one cool idea or a 5 Cool Ideas topic before every meeting. The idea should be related to the task at hand. Ideas will spark other ideas.


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