Where Are They Now?

P – Past Job Title; C – Current employer; B – Board Member (if applicable)

General Motors

1. Ray G. Young

P: Vice President, GM International Operations (12/10)
C: Senior Vice President and CFO, Archer Daniels Midland Co.

2. Edward Whitacre

P: Chairman and CEO (12/10)
B: ExxonMobile

3. Hans H. Demant

P: GM Europe Vice President, Engineering Managing Director, Adam Opel GmbH (8/10)
C: International Projects Coordinator, Volkswagen

4.Kent Kresa

P: Board Member (7/10)
B: MannKind Corp.,  Chairman Emeritus, Northrop Grumman Corp. (Chairman Emeritus), California Institute of Technology, Fluor Corp., Trust Company of the West

5. Nancy C. Everett

P: CEO, Promark Global Advisors (6/10)
B: Pacific Pension Institute

6. Bob Lutz

P: Vice Chairman, Special Adviser on Design and Global Product Development (5/10)
B: Transonic Combustions, Inc., The New Common School Foundation, U.S. Marine Corps University Foundation, Marine Military Academy

7. W.W. Brent Dewar

P: GM Europe, Sales, Marketing, and Aftersales (4/10)
C: Senior Advisor, Green Order

8. Jim Taylor

P: CEO, Hummer (4/10)
C: Consultant, AMP Holding Inc.
B: AMP Holding Inc.

9. Steven T. Shannon

P: Executive Director, Product and Marketing Premium Channel (3/10)

10. Kenneth W. Cole

P: Vice President, Global Public Policy and Government Relations (1/10)
C: Senior Vice President for Government Relations, Pfizer Inc.

11. Frederick (Fritz) A. Henderson

P: President and COO (12/09)
C: CEO, SunCoke Energy.
B: Chairman, SunCoke Energy

12. Gary L. Cowger

P: Global Manufacturing and Labor Relations (12/09)
C: CEO, GLC Ventures
B: Kettering University, Delphi Corp., GLC Ventures

13. Maureen Kemptson Darkes

P: President, GM Latin America, Africa, and Middle East (12/09)
B: Bridgepoint Health Foundation, Canadian National Railway, Brookfield Asset Management and Fort Reliance (Irving Oil), University of Toronto President’s International Alumni Council

14. Carl Peter Forster

P: President, GM Europe (11/09)
C: Group CEO, Tata Motors

15. Gary A. White

P: GM North America, Vehicle Line Executive Full-Size Truck Team (11/09)

16. Rod Gillum

P: Chairman of Corporate Responsibility and Diversity; GM Foundation, chairman; Motor Enterprises Inc., chairman (10/09)
C: Partner, Jackson Lewis
B: Detroit Investment Fund, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, The Washington, D.C. Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial Project Foundation, Inc., Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, The Leon H. Sullivan Foundation

17. Mark R. LaNeve

P: GM North America Vice President, Vehicle Sales, Service, and Marketing (10/09)
C: Chief Marketing Officer, Allstate Insurance

18. Jill Lajdziak

P: General Manager, Saturn (10/09)
C: President, Smart USA

19. Dennis Mooney

P: Global Vehicle Systems and Integration (10/09)

20. Jonathan Browning

P: Global Sales, Service and Marketing (10/09)
C: President and CEO, Volkswagen Group of America; President, Volkswagen of America

21. Ralph Szygenda

P: CIO (10/09)
B: Compuware Corp., Dean’s Advisory Council, Carnegie Mellon University H. J. Heinz III (College of Public Policy and Management)

22. Mike Grimaldi

P: CEO, GM Daewoo Auto and Technology (10/09)

23. Larry Burns

P: Research and Development and Strategic Planning (10/09)
C: Advisor Council Member, Greentech Capital Advisors Securities; Professor of Engineering Practice, U-M; Senior Advisor to Chairman, Hess Corp.; Contractor, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
B: Roundtable on Sustainable Mobility, The Earth Institute at Columbia University; Vice Chairman, Kansas City Advisory Council; CleanTech (VantagePoint Venture Partners)

24. Steven J. Harris

P: Global Communications (10/09)
C: Senior Consultant, TMG Strategies Agency

25. Chester Huber

P: President, OnStar (10/09)

26. Kathleen S. Barclay

P: Global Human Resources (10/09)
C: Senior Vice President of Human Resources, The Kroger Co.

27. Beth Lowery

P: Environment, Energy, and Safety Policy (8/09)
C: Senior Knowledge Leader, Environmental Responsibility LRN

28. Rick Wagoner

P: Chairman, CEO (8/09)
B: The Washington Post Co., Aleris International Inc., Catalyst Inc., Duke University, Detroit Country Day School

29. Troy A. Clarke

P: President, GM North America (7/09)
C: Senior Vice President, Navistar International Corp.

30. Robert Osborne

P: General Counsel (7/09)
C: Senior Vice President and Executive General Counsel, Booz Allen Hamilton

31. David W. Meline

P: GM North America Vice President and CFO (7/09)
C: Chief Accounting Officer, 3M Co.

32. James E. Queen

P: Group Vice President, Global Engineering (7/09)

33. Bo I. Andersson

P: Global Purchasing and Supply Chain (6/09)
C: President and CEO, GAZ Group (Russia)
B: GAZ Group

34. Mark McNabb

P: North American Vice President, Cadillac/Premium Channel (6/09)
C: President and CEO, Maserati North America

35. William Powell

P: GM North America, Industry-Dealer Affairs (3/09)

36. Doug Herberger

P: GM North America Vice President and General Manager, Service and Parts Operations (11/08)

37. John Middlebrook

P: GM Vice President, Global Sales, Service and Marketing Operations (7/08)
B: National Stock Car Racing Chief Appellate Officer, NASCAR


1. Gerhard Schmidt

P: Vice President, Research and Advanced Engineering, and Chief Technical Officer (2/11)

2. Ingvar Sviggum

P: Vice President, Marketing, Sales, and Service, Ford of Europe (1/11)
B: Chairman, Kongsberg Automotive (Norway)

3. John Parker

P: Executive Vice President, Asia, Pacific, and Africa (1/11)

4. Darryl B. Hazel

P: Senior Vice President, Ford; President, Ford Customer Service Division (1/10)
C: Principal, Darryl B. Hazel Consulting
B: Wesleyan University, Think Detroit Police Athletic League, Alliant Energy, Oakland Family Services, The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation

5. Philip Spender

P: Vice President, Ford; Executive Vice President, Mazda (1/10)
C: Mazda (Transferred)

6. Peter Daniel

P: Senior Vice President and Controller (10/09)

7. Mei Wei Cheng

P: Group Vice President; Executive Chairman, Ford Motor (China) Ltd. (4/09)
B: Diebold, Inc.

8. Bruce Andrews

P: Vice President, Governmental Affairs (3/09)
C: General Counsel, U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation

9. Don R. Leclair

P: Executive Vice President and CFO (11/08)

10. Louise K. Goeser

P: Vice President; President and CEO, Ford of Mexico (11/08)
C: President and CEO, Grupo Siemens S.A. de C.V. (Mexico)
B: PPL Corp., MSC Industrial Direct Co.

11. Fredrik Arp

P: Vice President; President and CEO, Volvo Cars Corp. (10/08)
C: CEO, Qioptiq (Paris)
B: Chairman, Qioptiq.

12. Geoff Polites

P: Vice President; CEO of Jaguar and Land Rover (4/08)
Deceased, April 2008

13. Joe W. Laymon

P: Group Vice President, Corporate Human Resources and Labor Affairs (2/08)
C: Vice President of Human Resources, Chevron Corp.
B: Molex, Inc., The Leon H. Sullivan Foundation, United Way of the Bay Area (San Francisco)

14. Richard Parry-Jones

P: Group Vice President, Global Product Development; CTO (12/07)
C: Founder, RPJ Consulting (England), Pro Chancellor and Visiting Professor in Automotive Engineering, Loughborough University
B: Non-executive Chairman, GKN Plc., Advisory Board, Odersun AG, Co-chair, U.K. Automotive Council



1. Frank Ewasyshyn

P: Executive Vice President, Manufacturing (12/09)
B: ExxonMobile

2. John T. Bozzella

P: Senior Vice President, External Affairs (12/09)
C: Advisor, Cerberus Capital Management

3. Larry D. Lyons

P: Vice President of the Car and Minivan Product Team (12/09)

4. Thomas J. Hadrych

P: Vice President of Benefits and Corporate Services (11/09)
B: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan

5. James Press

P: Vice Chairman and President, Board of Managers (11/09)
C: Sales and Marketing Operations Consultant, Renault-Nissan.

6. Jan A. Bertsch

P: Senior Vice President, Treasurer, and CIO, Chrysler LLC (11/09)
C: Vice President and Treasurer, BorgWarner

7. Bruce D. Coventry

P: CEO of Global Electric Motors LLC (7/09)
C: Vice President Operations, Electrovaya

8. Andreas Schell

P: Vice President of Electrical/Electronics Engineering Core (7/09)
C: President Electric Systems, Hamilton Sundstrand

9. Mark A. Manzo

P: Vice President of Finance Operations, Chrysler Financial (7/09)
C: Vice President, Alliance Sales, Ally Financial

10. Frank O. Klegon

P: Executive Vice President of Product Development (6/09)
B: Walter P. Chrysler Museum Foundation

11. Ronald E. Kolka

P: Senior Vice President and CFO (6/09)

12. Steven J. Landry

P: Executive Vice President of North American Sales (6/09)
C: Partner, LaSorda Group, Advisory Board, R. L. Polk & Co.
B: ALTe LLC, Walter P. Chrysler Museum Foundation

13. Joseph Chao

P: Vice President, Platform Advance Manufacturing Engineering (6/09)

14. Tom W. LaSorda

P: Vice Chairman and President, Board of Managers (5/09)
C: President and Founder, LaSorda Group LLC, Special Advisor to CEO Sankar DasGupta, Electrovaya (Ontario)
B: Lead Director, ALTe L.L.C., Electrovaya

15. Kim Harris Jones

P: Vice President and Chief Controller (5/09)
C: Senior Vice President and Corporate Controller, Kraft Foods Inc.

16. Robert Nardelli

P: Chairman/CEO, Board of Managers (4/09)
C: CEO, Cerberus Operations and Advisory Company LLC. CEO, Freedom Group, Inc.
B: NewPage Corp.

17. Matt Thibaudeau

P: Vice President of the Services Group, Chrysler Financial (2/09)
C: Performance Transformation, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

18. W. Frank Fountain

P: Senior Vice President of External Affairs and Public Policy (1/09)
B: Chairman, Walter P. Chrysler Museum Foundation

19. Rick Chow-Wah

P: Vice President of Powertrain Manufacturing (1/09)
C: Senior Vice President, Powertrain Manufacturing, Hybrid Kinetic Motors; President, RCJ International

20. Jim Issner

P: Vice President of Core Components, Processes, and International Engineering (12/08)
C: Owner, Issner & Associates, LLC

21. Philip Murtaugh

P: CEO of Asia Operations (12/08)
B: Director, Lear Corp.

22. Simon Boag

P: Executive Vice President, Procurement and Supply (12/08)
C: Partner, LaSorda Group LLC

23. Deborah Meyer

P: Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer (12/08)
C: Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, PulteGroup Inc.

24. Karla E. Middlebrooks

P: Vice President of Product, Procurement, and Cost-Management Finance (12/08)
B: Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan

25. Deb Morrissett

P: Vice President, Regulatory Affairs (12/08)
B: National Chrysler Retirement Organization.

26. John P. Campi

P: Executive Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer of Global Sourcing (12/08)
C: Founder and Managing Partner, Genesis Management LLC
B: Case Western Reserve University

27. John S. Franciosi

P: Senior Vice President, Employee Relations (9/08)

28. Trevor M. Creed

P: Senior Vice President, Design (8/08)

29. William F. Jones

P: COO, Chrysler Financial (8/08)
C: CEO, Focus: HOPE
B: Focus: HOPE.

30. Rick Houtman

P: Vice president, General Counsel and Secretary (8/08)

31. Ken McCarter

P: Vice President, Union Relations (8/08)
C: Executive in Residence and Advising Support, Oakland University

32. Don Goodwin

P: Vice President of Global Services (7/08)
C: Don Goodwin, Independent Management Consultant

33. Paul E. Knauss

P: President and CEO, Chrysler Financial (7/08)

34. Bill Mattingly

P: Vice President, Electrical/Electronics Engineering Core (7/08)
C: Vice President Business Development, Automotive System Integrators, LLC

35. Mike Donoughe

P: Vice President, Body-on-Frame Product Team and Core Team Leader (3/08)
C: Senior Partner, St. Clair Consortium, Co-founder and President, Cornerstone Youth Development Fund

36. Christine Cortez

P: Senior Vice President, Global Service and Parts (1/08)

37. Craig Love

P: Vice President, Rear-wheel-drive Product Team and Core Teaam Leader (1/08)