Round the Clock


Neetu Seth likes to say her company never sleeps. A native of India who launched Novi-based NITS Solutions in 2009, Seth has offices here and in India that leverage an array of online data to identify and capitalize on new growth opportunities for automotive and truck manufacturers in the United States and Canada, along with their respective dealership networks.

“When we go to sleep in the United States, our office in India is just starting their day,” says Seth, president and CEO of NITS Solutions. “It’s a big advantage when a client has an aggressive deadline to complete a project.”

Working with Audi, Volvo, Volkswagen, Mack Trucks, and others, the company has assisted OEMs with identifying sales opportunities from competing enterprises.

For example, an auto manufacturer wanted to generate added revenue by selling parts to aftermarket and collision repair shops. The result was the creation of a digital portal that combined data such as customer purchase
frequency, retention loyalty programs, traditional and digital marketing, interactive sales maps, and a concierge service for dealer questions.

In its first year, the new offering generated $9.6 million in annual sales of auto parts among the 100 dealerships that participated in the program.

In another instance, NITS Solutions developed an online system to help dealers report point of sales data more rapidly to a manufacturer of large trucks. Completed in four months, the portal allowed the OEM to better identify sales patterns, boost revenue, and improve dealership communication, Seth says.

Most recently, Seth was one of 14 women inducted into the 2016 EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women program for North America. She hopes the executive education program will help strengthen her leadership skills as well as indentify growth opportunities.

“The biggest challenge I have as a small business owner is getting my foot in the door of large companies, and convincing seasoned professionals working at large corporations to leave and come work for us,” Seth says. “I’m also looking for other companies to acquire, so we can grow more rapidly.”