Fountain of Youth

A plastic surgeon invents his way to prosperity.

 With medical technology changing rapidly, Dr. Ayoub Sayeg, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Bloomfield Hills, sought to stay ahead of the curve. “It takes time to get up to speed on new technology and procedures, but our clients are so well-informed that they want the new treatments right away,” says Sayeg, director of the Sayeg Plastic Surgery Center.

Wanting to meet the demands of his clients, Sayeg assumed the role of an inventor. To enhance and streamline breast implant surgery, for example, he developed PEBAM (Percutaneous, Endoscopic, Bilateral, Augmentation, Mammaplasty), which merges endoscopy and minimally invasive surgery to produce faster results. Other benefits of the procedure include nominal scarring and healing that progresses more rapidly.

“By developing my own procedures, I can introduce them right out of the gate,” Sayeg says. “My patients get access to new treatments much more quickly. What I did was turn the market upside down. We also offer the procedures to other plastic surgeons.”

Rather than specialize in one offering, Sayeg offers breast reconstruction — more than 200,000 women are affected by breast cancer each year — as well as post-bariatric reconstruction (for people who lose considerable weight), liposuction, tummy-tucks, nose surgery, Botox treatments, and hair transplants.

“The big thing now, and I don’t see it going away, is natural treatments,” Sayeg says. “People want alternatives to surgery, so we use ultrasound treatment and cold laser therapy to counteract the effects of gravity and time on your skin, especially around the face and neck. It’s proven to be very popular with our clients.”

Women make up 90 percent of Sayeg’s business, though more men are choosing face-lifts, hair transplants, and tummy-tucks, which may be combined with liposuction to produce better results. Second only to liposuction, Sayeg can reduce or increase the size of the nose via surgery, or alter the angle between the nose and upper lip, among other procedures.

“There’s little, if any, downtime (from work) with a procedure like IPL (intense pulse light),” says Linda Isaac, a surgical and laser technician at the Sayeg Center. Isaac says IPL’s six 45-minute sessions, performed at three-week intervals, stimulate the production of collagen. The technology is used to treat large pores, small wrinkles, sun-damaged skin, and age spots, while improving skin tone and elasticity.

“Along with the procedures, we teach you how to care for your skin,” Isaac adds. “Your skin is 75 percent water, so you need to drink plenty of water each day, maintain a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and get plenty of rest. The results will be that your skin will be thicker and clearer.” db