Chrysler Group LLC 2011

Chrysler expects to issue an IPO in late 2011. The automaker is owned by a UAW Retiree Trust (55%), Fiat (20%), and the American and Canadian governments (10%).

Chrysler posted better-than-expected financial results from Jan.-Sept. 2010 while raising its forecast. Chrysler says it expects to make a pre-tax profit of $700 million in 2010, up from $200 million previously.

#01. C. Robert Kidder


Kidder joined Chrysler in June 2009 once its global alliance with Fiat S.p.A. was finalized. He is also chairman and CEO of investment firm 3Stone Advisors LLC. Kidder has served as chairman and CEO of Duracell International Inc. and Borden Chemical Inc., and as director of Electronic Data Systems Corp. and General Signal Corp. Earlier in his career, Kidder was vice president, planning and development, for Dart Industries in Los Angeles and served as an officer in the U.S. Navy Civil Engineer Corps. He also worked with McKinsey & Co. in Chicago, as a general management consultant. Kidder currently serves on the boards of directors of Morgan Stanley, Schering-Plough Corp., and Microvi Biotech Inc. He’s a member of the board of trustees of Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, and is chairman of the board of trustees of Ohio University. He holds a master’s degree in industrial economics from Iowa State University and a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from the University of Michigan.

#02. Sergio Marchionne


Marchionne was named CEO of Chrysler in June 2009. He had been chairman of Case New Holland, a division of Fiat, since 2006 and CEO of Fiat Group Automobiles since 2005. He was appointed CEO of Fiat S.p.A. in June 2004, and has been a member of the board since 2003. In 2010, Marchionne joined the board of directors of Exor S.p.A. He also serves as a member of the board of Philip Morris International Inc. and is a member of the General Council of Confindustria (the employers association of Italy) and the European Automobile Manufacturers Association. Marchionne is a barrister, solicitor, and chartered accountant. He obtained a Bachelor of Laws from Osgood Hall Law School at York University in Toronto and an MBA from the University of Windsor. He is the recipient of the Cavaliere del Lavoro (Knight of the Order of Merit for Labor), an honorary title for service to industry that’s awarded by the president of the Republic of Italy. He was born in Chieti, Italy.

#03. Reid Bigland

President and CEO, Chrysler Canada Inc.

Oversees all Chrysler sales and marketing activities in Canada. Prior to that, Bigland was president of Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp., general manager of dealer operations for Freightliner LLC, and director of human resources and U.S. sales for Western Star Trucks. Bigland also worked for Canadian Airlines International.

#04. Joseph A. ChamaSrour

President and CEO, Chrysler de Mexico

ChamaSrour is head of Mexican operations, where he is the corporate representative for Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, and Mitsubishi. He reports directly to CEO Sergio Marchionne. ChamaSrour was president and managing director of Chrysler Mexico. He joined Chrysler in 1987 and has worked in sales, marketing, and finance.

#05. Fred M. Diaz Jr.

President and CEO, Ram Truck Brand; Lead Executive for U.S. Sales

Diaz has full profit and loss responsibility for the Dodge Ram product portfolio. As U.S. sales lead, he oversees sales programs, dealer and field operations, incentives, and distribution. Previously, Diaz was director of the Chrysler Group’s Denver business center, with responsibility for sales, service, and field operations.

#06. Olivier Francois

President and CEO, Chrysler Brand; Lancia Brand, Fiat Group Automobiles

Francois has single-point responsibility for Chrysler’s product portfolio. He is also responsible for marketing strategies, brand development, and advertising for the Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram brands, and for Fiat Group Automobiles. Francois joined the company in October 2009 from Fiat Group Automobiles.

#07. Ralph V. Gilles

President and CEO, Dodge Car Brand; Senior Vice President, Product Design

Appointed in October 2009, Gilles has responsibility for Dodge cars. He continues to lead product design as senior vice president, a position he’s held since June 2009. Gilles was named vice president of design in September 2008. He joined the former Chrysler Corp. in 1992 as a designer. Gilles serves as a classic car judge.

#08. Pietro Gorlier

President and CEO, Mopar Service, Parts, and Customer Care

Appointed in June 2009, Gorlier is responsible for the Mopar product portfolio and service and parts operations, as well as Chrysler’s customer service operations. He also has shared accountability with the brands, responsibility for parts and services growth and delivery, and customer support. Gorlier joined Chrysler from Fiat.

#09. Michael Manley

President and CEO, Jeep Brand; Lead Executive for International Organization

Manley has profit and loss responsibility for the Jeep product portfolio. He also leads the company’s international activities outside of NAFTA, and will be responsible for implementing the co-op agreements for the distribution of Chrysler Group products through Fiat’s international distribution network. He was a vice president.

#10. Doug D. Betts

Senior Vice President, Quality

Betts establishes the processes, culture, and systems to achieve the highest levels of quality in all of the company’s products and customer relationships, including a company-wide effort to improve customer satisfaction. Previously, he was vice president and chief customer officer. He joined the automaker in 2007.


#11. Paolo E. Ferrero

Senior Vice President, Chrysler Powertrain

Ferrero is responsible for all powertrain activities, with a focus on technology-sharing with the Fiat Powertrain Technologies organization. He also provides indirect oversight of powertrain manufacturing, testing, quality, and international operations, while ensuring strong integration and alignment with the Chrysler Group.

#12. Scott R. Garberding

Senior Vice President, Manufacturing/World Class Manufacturing

Garberding is responsible for all assembly, stamping, and powertrain manufacturing operations worldwide, as well as the implementation of the World Class Manufacturing system at all Chrysler manufacturing facilities. Prior to taking on these responsibilities, he was senior vice president of purchasing.

#13. Michael J. Keegan

Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Management

Responsible for critical volume planning and logistics functions in coordination with the brand CEOs. Keegan is also responsible for improving service levels, working capital efficiency, and complexity reduction; optimizing demand and supply; and establishing consistent and effective supply chain processes. He began at Chrysler in 1990.

#14. Dan C. Knott

Senior Vice President, Purchasing and Supplier Quality

Appointed in December 2009, Knott is responsible for all worldwide purchasing and supplier quality activities, including both product-related components and indirect suppliers and services. He reports directly to CEO Sergio Marchionne. Previously, Knott had served as head of vehicle engineering.

#15. Scott G. Kunselman

Senior Vice President, Engineering

Kunselman has responsibility for all systems and component engineering, vehicle line platform programs, international engineering, advance vehicle development and innovation, powertrain product engineering, product technical planning, and regulatory affairs. He also oversees vehicle testing and validation.

#16. Holly E. Leese

Senior Vice President; General Counsel

Leese is responsible for the company’s worldwide legal functions, including corporate governance, commercial and corporate transactions, product litigation, dealer and trade relations, environmental affairs, and intellectual property. She had been vice president, general counsel, and secretary of Chrysler LLC.

#17. Richard Palmer

Senior Vice President; Chief Financial Officer

Palmer is responsible for all finance activities, including corporate controlling, treasury, and tax. He joined Chrysler Group LLC from Fiat Group Automobiles, where he had been chief financial officer since 2006. He also served as CFO for Iveco and Comau, and was finance manager at General Electric Oil & Gas.

#18. Nancy A. Rae

Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Responsible for human resources, processes, programs and policies; leadership development; and human capital development. She also oversees Chrysler employee relations, where she directs union relations, occupational safety and health services, personnel planning, and administration. Rae was previously an executive vice president.

#19. Gualberto Ranieri

Senior Vice President, Communications

Ranieri joined Chrysler Group in June 2009 from Fiat Group, where he led international communications. He was also responsible for communications at Case New Holland, a manufacturer and seller of agriculture and construction machinery, which is part of the Fiat Group. Ranieri was the Fiat team leader of communications.

#20. Joseph “Jody” Trapasso

Senior Vice President, External Affairs

Appointed in May 2010, Trapasso provides strategic direction for Chrysler Group’s international, federal, and state government relations, while coordinating the activities of the corporate representative in Latin America. He leads the company’s community relations efforts and the Chrysler Foundation. Trapasso had been a privaye attorney.

#21. Peter Grady

Vice President, Network Development and Fleet

Grady is responsible for optimizing sales volumes in the company’s restructured network of Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge dealers. He also manages Chrysler’s fleet sales organization. Prior to his current position, Grady was director of franchise planning and administration for Chrysler. He joined the former American Motors Corp. in 1984.

#22. Laurie A. Macaddino

Vice President, Audit

Macaddino is responsible for ensuring that all vehicles produced and sold by Chrysler meet financial requirements, including cost, investment and profitability. Prior to accepting her position, she was vice president of finance operations, as well as corporate audit and compliance. In addition, she was senior manager of corporate audit.

#23. Barbara J. Pilarski

Vice President, Business Development

Pilarski oversees the negotiation of strategic global partnership arrangements for Chrysler and manages alliance relationships. Previously, she served as executive director of mergers and acquisitions, North and South America, where she oversaw all aspects of merger, acquisition, and divestiture activities. Pilarski joined Chrysler in 1985.

#24. Scott Sandschafer

Vice President; Chief Information Officer

Reporting directly to CEO Sergio Marchionne, Sandschafer is responsible for all information technology applications and infrastructure in support of operations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Asia. Prior to joining Chrysler, Sandschafer oversaw information systems at Fiat Group subsidiary CNH America.

#25. Joseph Veltri

Vice President, Product Planning

Veltri is responsible for current and future product planning. Previously, he was product planning lead and head of truck/SUV product planning, where he ensured continuity across brands for all product requirements, engineering capabilities, business cases, and directed customer development. He also worked on the Dodge Dakota and Ram 1500.

#26. Mark M. Chernoby

Head of Vehicle Engineering

Appointed in January 2010, Chernoby is responsible for all vehicle line platform programs, along with vehicle development analysis and validation. He continues in the role of vehicle line executive for C/D segment vehicles. Previously, Chernoby was vice president, executive coordination, and vice president of alliance partnership engineering.

#27. Laura J. Soave

Head of Fiat Brand — North America

Since March 2010, Soave has had full profit and loss responsibility for Fiat products in North America.  She will lead the reintroduction of the brand, beginning with the Fiat 500, and will work with the brand presidents and industrial leads to fully integrate Fiat products into marketing, sales, service, and dealer network organizations.

Chrysler Group LLC Board of Directors

C. Robert Kidder
Chairman, Chrysler Group LLC
Sergio Marchionne
CEO, Chrysler Group LLC
Alfredo Altavilla
CEO, Fiat Powertrain Technologies; Senior Vice President of Business Development, Fiat Group Automobiles
James J. Blanchard
Partner, DLA Piper
George F.J. Gosbee
Chairman, Northern Hemisphere Energy Business, Macquarie Capital
Douglas Steenland
Board Member, Delta Airlines Inc., AIG Inc.
Scott M. Stuart
Partner, Sageview Capital LLC
Ronald L. Thompson
Chairman, Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association
Stephen M. Wolf
Chairman, R.R. Donnelley & Sons Co.