Big Three Executives: Ford Motor Co. 2017

After posting $2.2 billion in third-quarter earnings a year ago (the company’s best third-quarter ever), Ford came back to earth in 2016. The company saw its third-quarter earnings drop to just $1 billion. Ford will look to rebound with sales of its popular F-Series Super Duty pickup in 2017

William Clay Ford Jr.

Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board of Directors

Ford has been a member of the company’s board of directors since 1988, and has been chairman since 1999. He also serves as chairman of the finance committee and as a member of the sustainability committee. He served as CEO from 2001 to 2006. During his time in that position, Ford took the company from a $5.5 billion loss in 2001 to three straight years of profitability. Ford joined the company in 1979 as a product-planning analyst. He held a variety of positions in manufacturing, sales, marketing, product development, and finance. In 1983 he began a 12-month course of study as an Alfred P. Sloan fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. As head of Business Strategy for the Ford Automotive Group in 1990, he helped develop guidelines for establishing low-volume manufacturing plants. He is also vice chairman of  The Detroit Lions Inc., chairman of the board of the Detroit Economic Club, and a trustee of The Henry Ford. He was elected a Ford Motor Co. vice president in 1994.


Mark Fields

President and CEO

Fields has been president and CEO since July 1, 2014. He was also elected to the board of directors in 2014 and serves on the finance committee. Fields served as chief operating officer since December 2012, where he led the company’s weekly business plan review meeting to track the progress of the One Ford plan and to monitor the global business and competitive environment. The meetings are credited with driving a reliable and transparent process for running Ford’s global operations and enabling Ford’s senior leadership to work closely together and act decisively on its plan. Before serving as COO, Fields was executive vice president and president, The Americas, since October 2005. He led development, manufacturing, marketing, and sales of Ford and Lincoln vehicles in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and South America, overseeing the transformation of the company’s North American operations and record profitability. Earlier, Fields guided the product-led transformation of Ford’s European operations and formerly held European luxury brands.


James D. Farley Jr.

Executive Vice President, President, Europe, Middle East, and Africa

Farley is responsible for accelerating Ford’s progress in Europe, executing the One Ford plan to achieve profitable growth through a focus on new products, a strong brand, and increased cost efficiency. As executive VP of global marketing, sales, and service, he led Ford’s drive to connect more closely with customers through marketing, advertising, digital communications, and brand development. Farley has also led the ongoing transformation of the Lincoln brand.


Joseph R. Hinrich

Executive Vice President, President, The Americas

Hinrichs is responsible for all development, manufacturing, marketing and sales of Ford and Lincoln vehicles in North and South America. Prior to this, he served as group VP and president of Asia Pacific Africa, where he oversaw the construction of the nine new plants and spearheaded Ford’s commitment to bring more than 50 new vehicles and powertrains to the region by mid-decade. Hinrichs served as chairman and CEO of Ford China from November 2010 to December 2011.


Raj Nair

Executive Vice President, Chief Technical Officer, Product Development 

Nair has global responsibility for all aspects of Ford’s design, engineering, research, and product development. Since April 2012, he had been group VP of product development and CTO. Prior to 2012, as VP of engineering for product development, Nair oversaw all engineering for car, truck, and SUVs for the Ford and Lincoln brands, and was responsible for delivering on Ford’s commitment to offer more new products. Nair holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.


Stephen T. Odel

Executive Vice President, Global Marketing, Sales and Service

Odell leads marketing, sales, and service organization with the objective of building the Ford and Lincoln brands globally through innovative digital communications and transforming retail experiences. Odell had led Ford’s European operations since 2010. He was instrumental in the development and implementation of Ford’s European transformation plan and the strategic development of the company’s Middle East and Africa operations.


Robert L. Shanks

Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Shanks has overall responsibility for Ford’s financial operations, including the controller’s office, treasury, and investor relations. He also oversees Ford’s global data and analytics team. He served previously as the company’s VP and controller. Shanks was elected vice president, operations support, finance and strategy, Ford of Europe and Premier Automotive Group, in 2004. In that position, he led financial methodology, processes, best practices, and synergies between the two entities. He also was Mazda Motor Corp.’s CFO.


John Casesa

Group Vice President, Global Strategy

Casesa is the most senior leader overseeing global strategy and corporate development as part of the company’s commitment to accelerate its One Ford plan, deliver product excellence, and drive innovation. Previously, he was senior managing director at Guggenheim Partners, where he led the firm’s automotive investment banking activities and advised the auto industry’s leading companies and investors in connection with mergers, acquisitions, and raising of capital. Casesa has a B.S. from St. John’s University.


Raymond F. Day

Group Vice President, Communications

Day leads all global external and internal communications and public relations activities. This role includes building Ford’s reputation globally and reaching audiences that include customers, employees, dealers, suppliers, news media, communities, governments, and policymakers. Day joined Ford in 1989 and has led Ford’s global communications and PR activities related to the company’s products, design, manufacturing, sales, marketing, brand development, and corporate issue


Joy Falotic

Group Vice President, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Ford Motors Credit Co.

Falotico was promoted to group vice president on October 1, 2016. She has worldwide responsibility for Ford Motor Credit Co., a global financial services business that supports Ford dealers and customers and the sale of Ford and Lincoln vehicles around the globe. Previously, as COO, she led Ford Credit’s global operations in the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East and Africa as well as marketing, vehicle sales and brand, and business center and insurance operations.


Felicia J. Fields

Group Vice President, Human Resources and Corporate Services

Fields provides expertise in key HR capabilities including succession planning and talent management, strategic workforce planning, compensation and benefits, organization development, recruiting, and leadership and professional development. She is also responsible for corporate security, travel, and the company’s Dealer Policy Board. Fields was recognized by Black Enterprise magazine in 2015 as one of the “Most Powerful Women in Corporate America.” She has various certifications in leadership development.


Bennie W. Fowler

Group Vice President, Quality and New Model Launch

Fowler reports directly to Ford President and CEO Mark Fields, and is responsible for driving quality throughout the design and production of Ford vehicles. He is also accountable for global new model launches and for ensuring alignment with product development, manufacturing, purchasing, and marketing. With more than 30 years experience in the auto industry, Fowler has held key positions in several of Ford’s business operations. He joined Ford as a superintendent at St. Thomas assembly plant in 1990 from Chrysler Corp.


Bruce Hettle

Group Vice President, Manufacturing and Labor Affairs

Hettle is responsible for overseeing the operations of 67 assembly, stamping, and powertrain plants worldwide. He is also is responsible for the company’s worldwide  support for stamping, vehicle, and powertrain manufacturing, as well as material planning and logistics, Ford production system, manufacturing business office, and labor affairs organizations. In his previous assignment as VP, North America manufacturing, Hettle was responsible for Ford’s North America manufacturing footprint.


Ziad S. Ojakli

Group Vice President, Government and Community Relations

Ojakli leads a team that helps shape policy and legislation to promote Ford’s business objectives, including areas of energy and the environment, tax, trade, safety, and improvements in the nation’s health care systems. He oversees interactions with governments in 110 markets around the world and is responsible for Ford’s federal and state government relations in the U.S., as well as the company’s community relations. Ojakli oversees the Ford Motor Company Fund and chairs Ford’s Political Action Committee.


David L. Schoch

Group Vice President, President, Asia Pacific; Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Ford China

Schoch added the additional role of chairman and CEO, Ford China on June 1, 2016. He reports to Mark Fields, Ford Motor Co. president and CEO. Schoch is responsible for all of Ford’s operations and partnerships within the Asia Pacific region. He also leads Ford’s operations in China including Lincoln, and the Ford China import business, as well as Ford’s passenger car joint venture Changan Ford and commercial vehicle joint venture Jiangling Motors Corp.


Hau Thai-Tang

Group Vice President, Global Purchasing

Thai-Tang’s global purchasing organization is responsible for more than $90 billion in annual spending on production and nonproduction goods and services. Previously, as VP engineering for global product development, he oversaw engineering for car, truck, SUV, and crossover vehicles for the Ford and Lincoln brands. He had served as executive director, global product programs, developed vehicles for the South American market, and led the development of FSAO as an engineering center for Ford in the Americas.


Steven Armstrong

Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Ford of Europe

Armstrong is responsible for many of Ford of Europe’s operations, including manufacturing, quality, product development, purchasing, sustainability, environment, and safety engineering. He reports to Jim Farley, executive vice president and president, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. As of October 1, 2016, he also serves on the Ford Sollers and Ford Otosan boards of directors. A native of the UK, Armstrong has worked in the U.S., Sweden and Germany. He had served as president, Ford Brazil, since 2012.


Joseph Bakaj

Vice President, Product Development, Ford of Europe

Bakaj is responsible for all vehicle product programs for Ford’s European operations. He has worked in Britain, Germany, Japan, and the U.S. Prior to this role, as vice president powertrain engineering, Bakaj oversaw worldwide engine and transmission engineering. He served as vice president global product programs for Ford and vice president, product development, at Ford of Europe. He managed the development and launch in Europe of the 2006 Ford Galaxy and the acclaimed S-MAX model.


Birgit Behrendt

Vice President, Global Programs and Purchasing Operations

Behrendt is responsible for all the regions of the world and for leveraging Ford’s scale to improve costs and operational efficiency. Previously, Behrendt was executive director, global programs and The Americas purchasing, where she oversaw all purchasing activities in concert with development on all global vehicle and powertrain programs. Behrendt was also VP, purchasing, Ford of Europe, and executive director, global programs. She was among the 2015 Powered by Women honorees selected by DBusiness.


Stephen E. Biegun

Vice President, International Governmental Affairs

Biegun oversees all aspects of Ford’s international governmental relations, including trade strategy and political risk assessment. Before joining Ford, he was a national security adviser for the U.S. Senate and provided analysis and planning for the Senate’s consideration of foreign policy and defense and intelligence matters. He also worked at the White House as executive secretary of the NSC, and was a senior staff member in the office of former National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice.


Moray Callum

Vice President, Design

Callum leads the design of all concept and production vehicles for the Ford and Lincoln brands worldwide. Previously, as executive director, design, The Americas, he had overall responsibility for the design of all cars and trucks created in Ford’s North and South America studios and the new Lincoln products, including the new Ford Fusion, Explorer, Mustang, EcoSport, and Lincoln MKZ. From 2001 to 2006, Callum led the design transformation process at Mazda that resulted in a new generation of vehicles.


Linda Cash

Vice President, Manufacturing, Ford of Europe

Prior to this position, Cash was director of vehicle operations for Ford of Europe. She joined Ford in 1984 and has spent her entire career with the company in manufacturing. Previously, Cash held a series of leadership positions within Ford’s manufacturing operations, including executive director of global vehicle operations in manufacturing engineering and executive director of the global manufacturing business office. Cash has played key roles as plant manager and chief engineer.


​Roelant De Waard

Vice President, Marketing, Sales and Service, Ford of Europe

De Waard oversees all marketing, sales, and service personnel and activities in all European markets for Ford. From January 2009, as vice president of sales, Ford of Europe, he was responsible for 49 markets, including the UK, France, Italy, Spain, and Russia, among others. Previously, de Waard was chairman and managing director of Ford of Britain and vice president, Europe, Ford Customer Service Division. He joined Ford Netherlands in 1990 and served as a sales manager and marketing manager.


Bill Dirksen

Vice President, Labor Affairs

Dirksen oversees global labor policy and negotiations covering Ford’s approximately 117,000 union employees. He is also responsible for hourly employee health care management and the company’s collective bargaining with unions worldwide. Previously, Dirksen served as executive director, U.S. labor affairs, and played a key role in leading the company’s negotiations with the UAW. Dirksen joined Ford in 1985, and has served as the senior human resources leader in Ford Credit, as well as other top positions.


Robert Fascetti

Vice President, Powertrain Engineering

Fascetti is responsible for global powertrain engineering and has more than 25 years of powertrain and product development experience at Ford. Previously, he served as director, global engine engineering, with a focus on combining fuel economy and performance. The EcoBoost engine lineup and the 6.7-liter diesel engine were designed and developed under Fascetti’s leadership. Ford’s 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine was named the International Engine of the Year for three consecutive years.


Peter Fleet

Vice President, Marketing, Sales, and Service, Asia Pacific

Fleet is responsible for leading the marketing, sales, and service functions across the Asia Pacific region. He is based in Shanghai, China, and reports to Dave Schoch, Ford Motor Co. group VP and president, Asia Pacific. Previously, Fleet was vice president, sales, Ford of Europe and president of Ford ASEAN, based in Bangkok, where he led the integrated operations across Ford’s Southeast Asia markets, including Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam.


Elena A. Ford

Vice President, Global Dealer and Consumer Experience

Ford leads the company’s Global Dealer and Consumer Experience organization, which is designed to accelerate the simplification and streamlining of Ford’s interaction with customers around the world. It also promotes global standards and sets best practices for planning, training, and customer interaction at both the dealer level and within the company. Ford is also responsible for the marketing, sales, and service interface to improve the company’s vehicle quality and delivery time.


Kumar Galhotra

Vice President, Vice President and President, Lincoln

Galhotra is responsible for accelerating Lincoln as a world-class luxury brand around the globe. Reporting to President and CEO Mark Fields, Galhotra is the most senior leader overseeing all Lincoln operations globally, including product development, marketing, sales and service, and all team members supporting the Lincoln brand. Galhotra will build on the brand’s recent product and sales momentum, including Ford’s recent expansion efforts in China.


Bradley M. Gayton

Vice President, Vice President and General Counsel

Gayton leads Ford’s litigation, tax, corporate, and intellectual property efforts. He also advises the company’s top leaders on a wide range of legal issues and scenarios, and oversees its General Auditor’s Office. Previously, as corporate secretary and assistant general counsel, Gayton had legal responsibility for NYSE and SEC compliance and reporting, as well as legal responsibility for supporting Ford’s treasury operations in capital markets and debt financing transactions.  Gayton has a B.A. in business and a law degree.


Jim Holland

Vice President, Vehicle Component and System Engineering

Holland is responsible for vehicle component and system engineering for Ford and Lincoln vehicles globally. His role is central to the company’s commitment to developing vehicles with top quality, fuel efficiency, safety, smart technology, and value. During his more than 30 years with Ford, Holland has held various positions as car and truck vehicle line director, Ford Asia Pacific. Previously, as engineering director, Ford Asia Pacific, based in Melbourne, Australia, he oversaw a team of more than 1,500.


Gary Johnson

Vice President, North America Manufacturing

Johnson is responsible for Ford’s North America manufacturing footprint, including more than 30 manufacturing plants. He continues to play a key role in the company’s efforts to improve manufacturing flexibility and efficiency. Johnson also oversees Ford’s product expansion in North America and the company’s seamless conversion to global platforms. He had served as VP of manufacturing operations for Asia Pacific since January 2010, where he was responsible for 19 manufacturing facilities.


Burt Jordan

Vice President, Global Vehicle and Powertrain Purchasing and Supplier Diversity

Jordan is responsible for all global commodity-related purchasing and supplier sourcing, including more than $80 billion in parts and commodities for the company’s worldwide auto operations. Previously, Jordan was executive director, global vehicle and powertrain purchasing, with the responsibility for the procurement of production and powertrain parts and commodities for Ford’s operations worldwide. Jordan previously oversaw supplier diversity development.


Marcy Klevorn

Vice President, Chief Information Officer

Klevorn oversees all information technology services for Ford’s global operations. Previously, as director of the Office of the CIO, she was responsible for managing Ford’s global IT business applications, architecture, data centers, web-hosting requirements, engineering, and infrastructure services. Klevorn has spent her entire career in Ford’s IT function in the Americas, Ford of Europe, and Ford Credit. In 2006, she  led the implementation of infrastructure defragmentation, data center consolidation, and overall systems management for the company.


Mark LaNeve

Vice President, U.S. Marketing, Sales, and Service 

LaNeve is responsible for all marketing,  sales, service, customer care, and dealer relations for Ford and Lincoln. He is focused on continuing to build the Ford brand through new digital communications and transforming the retail experience. LaNeve served as COO of Global Team Ford, the company’s marketing and advertising agency. He also served as senior executive vice president and chief marketing officer at Allstate Insurance. He has a B.A. in business communciations.


John Lawler

Chairman and CEO, Ford Motor China

As of June 1, 2016, Lawler succeeds Stuart Rowley, who was named VP of strategy. Lawler had served since December 2012 as a Ford Motor Co. VP and chairman and chief executive officer of Ford China. In that role, he had overall responsibility for Ford China operations and business leadership. Before his Ford China assignment, Lawler was the CFO at Ford Asia Pacific and Africa, based in Shanghai, and was responsible for the financial strategy and analysis of the company’s operations throughout Asia Pacific and Africa.


Curt Magleby

Vice President, U.S. Government Relations 

Based in Washington, D.C., Magleby engages with policymakers on a wide range of legislative and regulatory issues and oversees Ford’s federal, state, and local government affairs. He was director, U.S., state, and local government relations. Magleby worked as Ford’s federal legislative affairs manager, focusing on trade, tax, and technology issues. He later moved to Michigan to lead Ford’s public policy office as director of state and local government affairs. Magleby joined Ford as a financial analyst.


Laura Merling

Vice President, Autonomous Vehicles Solutions, Ford Smart Mobility LLC

Merling will lead the commercialization of autonomous vehicles at Ford Smart Mobility, Ford’s subsidiary that is working to design, build, grow, and invest in emerging mobility services. Ford has announced its intent to have a high-volume SAE level 4 fully autonomous vehicle in commercial operation by 2021. Merling will also continue to serve in an advisory role for several startups working on Internet of Things connectivity, machine learning, and digital manufacturing.


Kimberly Pittel

Vice President, Sustainability, Environment, and Safety Engineering

Pittel is responsible for the continued development and implementation of the company’s global environment and safety strategy, policy, and performance. Previously, Pittel served as executive director, global supplier technical assistance, and was responsible for establishing product launch and supplier quality processes to improve vehicle quality. Pittel began her career at Ford in 1985 and has held several key management and executive positions.


Stuart Rowley

Vice President, Strategy

Rowley assumed the position of vice president of strategy on June 6, 2016. He will play a leading role in Ford’s growth strategy by accelerating the development of new business models in both the company’s core and emerging business opportunities. This includes helping guide the company’s investments in new products and technologies to support a focus on innovation. Previously, Rowley had served as vice president, controller, and chief financial officer of Ford Motor Co. He had also worked as chief financial officer of Ford of Europe


Bill Russo

Vice President, Manufacturing, Asia Pacific

Russo is responsible for manufacturing facilities in seven markets with the capacity to produce 2.7 million vehicles, including capacity in China of 1.4 million passenger cars, and 500,000 trucks and commercial vehicles. Previously, Russo was director, global powertrain manufacturing engineering. He joined Ford in May 2001 as director, vehicle operations manufacturing engineering for the Americas. Before joining Ford, he held executive positions at Walbridge Aldinger and Industrial Advisors of America.


Barb J. Samardzich

Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Ford of Europe

Samardzich is responsible for many of Ford of Europe’s operations, including manufacturing, quality, product development, purchasing, sustainability, environment, and safety. Previously, she was VP, product development at Ford of Europe. Earlier, as vice president, global product, she set the strategic direction for Ford’s global car, hybrid, crossover, SUV, and truck programs. Before joining Ford in 1990, she worked as a thermal design engineer in Westinghouse Electric’s nuclear fuels division.


Neil M. Schloss

Vice President, Treasurer; Chief Financial Officer, Ford Smart Mobility LLC

Schloss has overall responsibility for Ford’s treasury operations and was previously held the position of assistant treasurer. On August 1, 2016, he added the CFO role at Ford Smart Mobility, a subsidiary formed to design, build, grow, and invest in emerging mobility services. Schloss joined Ford Motor Co. in 1982 as a financial analyst in the controller’s office at Ford Aerospace. He joined the treasurer’s office at Ford Credit in 1991, and held positions in risk management and international financing.


​Frederiek Toney

Vice President, Global Ford Customer Service Division

Toney works with hundreds of Ford dealers around the world. He joined Ford in 2000 and has held positions in logistics, operations, and parts and service. Most recently, he served as executive director, global material planning and logistics. Prior to Ford, Toney spent 23 years in management at Caterpillar, Inc. and American Honda Motor Co. In 2012, Black Enterprise magazine named Toney one of the “100 Most Powerful Executives in Corporate America.” He has an M.B.A. from the University of La Verne.


Dr. Ken Washington

Vice President, Research and Advanced Engineering 

Washington heads Ford’s research organization, overseeing the development and implementation of the company’s technology strategy and plans. Prior to joining Ford, he was vice president of the Space Technology Advanced Research and Development Laboratories at Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co. in California. Washington was responsible for leading an organization of approximately 700 scientists and engineers in performing research and development in space science and related R&D.


Lyle Watters

Vice President, President, Ford, South America

Watters is responsible for all Ford operations in South America. Before his current assignment, he was chief financial officer and vice president, finance and strategic planning, for Ford of Europe. He has been a member of the Ford Otosan board of directors since March 2012 and the Ford Sollers board of directors since April 2012. Prior to his job in Europe, he was chief financial officer, Ford South America. Between October 2005 and September 2008, Watters was director of business strategy at Ford of Europe.


Trevor Worthington

Vice President, Product Development for Asia Pacific

Worthington leads Ford’s plan to bring more than 50 new vehicles and powertrains to its Asia Pacific region. Previously, he served as the vehicle line director for Asia Pacific, playing a key role in delivering the first wave of global Ford products for Asia Pacific markets. Since joining the company in 1985, Worthington has held various positions in product development and product strategy. Among other company assignments, he led product development in Australia for six years.


Paul Ballew

Global Chief Data and Analytics Officer

Ballew leads Ford’s global data and analytics teams, including development of new capabilities supporting connectivity and smart mobility. Prior to joining Ford, Ballew was at Dun & Bradstreet, responsible for global data and analytic activities and strategic consulting practice. Previously, he served as senior vice president for customer insight and analytics at Nationwide Insurance and was GM’s executive director for global market and industry analysis, where he led research, consumer data and information, forecasting, and sales.


James P. Hackett

Chairman, Ford Smart Mobility LLC

Hackett, a former member of Ford’s board of directors, was named to this position in March. Ford Smart Mobility LLC is a subsidiary of Ford Motor Co. that aims to become an industry leader in connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, and the customer experience. As a member of the board of directors’ Sustainability and innovation committee, Hackett was actively involved with senior leadership in launching the company’s Ford Smart Mobility plan. He also served on the audit and the nominating and governance committees.


Nigel Harris

President, Changan Ford Automobile Co., Ltd.

Since July 1, 2016. Harris has been responsible for leading Changan Ford’s operations, which include the manufacturing, marketing, selling and servicing of Ford products, including the Ford Focus, Escort, Mondeo, Taurus, EcoSport Kuga, and Edge. From February 2014, Harris had served as managing director and president at Ford India and was responsible for managing and growing the unit’s integrated manufacturing operation, leading product programs in India, and growing the export business.


Ford motor Co. Board of Directors

William Clay Ford Jr.
Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board of Directors

Stephen G. Butler
Retired Chairman and CEO, KPMG, LLP

Kimberly A. Casiano
President, Kimberly Casiano & Associates

Anthony F. Earley Jr.
Chairman, CEO, and President, PG&E Corp.

Mark Fields
President and CEO, Ford

Edsel B. Ford II
Director and Consultant

James P. Hackett
Vice Chair, Steelcase Inc.; Interim Athletic Director, University of Michigan

James H.Hance Jr.
Operating Executive and Board Member, the Carlyle Group

William W. Helman IV
General Partner, Greylock Partners

Jon M. Huntsman Jr. 
Former U.S. Ambassador to China

William E. Kennard
Non-executive Chairman and Co-founder of Velocitas Partners

John C. Lechleiter
Chairman, President, and CEO, Eli Lilly and Co.

Ellen R. Marram
President, The Barnegat Group LLC

Gerald L. Shaheen
Retired Group President, Caterpillar Inc.

John L. Thornton
Professor and Director, Global Leadership Program, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

John S. Weinberg 
Former Vice Chairman, Goldman Sachs Group Inc.