William L. Michels

Chief Executive Officer, ADR International, Ann Arbor

michelsDB: Where are you?

WM: In London. I’m preparing for a board meeting. We’ll be looking at capital planning, our upcoming budget, and our business performance. We have a good story to tell. Our revenue is projected to double to $10 million worldwide. We work closely with a number of manufacturing clients and other industry sectors on their supply chains.

DB: What’s been driving the growth?

WM: As the economy worsens, companies that aren’t able to generate profits they’ve become accustomed to are looking to cut costs to maintain their momentum. The volatile energy markets are complex, and we advise companies on procuring goods and services more efficiently with reduced risk and at a lower cost.

DB: What other industries do you work with?

WM: Energy, aerospace, transportation, health care — most of our clients are located outside of our Michigan office in Ann Arbor, which is our North American headquarters. Depending on the situation, we can cut procurement costs in short order, or we may help a company change its entire procurement culture, which could be two years or longer. A pharmaceutical client I can’t name was able to reduce its annual procurement from $1 billion to $400 million with our assistance.

DB: Any trends you’re following?

WM: A number of trucking companies are going bankrupt, and now the trucks are being sold on the global marketplace. That could be a problem for companies looking for used trucks over the next few years.

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