PDA Q&A: Steve Lowisz

The CEO of Qualigence International talks about recruiting top talent.
Steve Lowisz

DB: Where are you?

SL: In Atlanta, where we have a number of clients that we serve in human resources consulting, talent acquisition, executive searches, and organizational culture. Five years ago, companies were looking to scale down (in response to the 2008 global financial crisis). Now they are looking to grow, and they need to find the right talent.

DB: How do you find qualified candidates?

SL: Most talented workers are happy with where they’re at, especially if they are being well-compensated, but other people are looking for new challenges. Job boards are becoming a thing of the past. Today, in searching for talent, you have to be proactive. … Each recruiting project is different in terms of how people want to be engaged — whether it’s a direct dialogue, via social media, or through talent communities.

DB: How important is company culture?

SL: It’s the heart and soul of an organization. If you don’t have a great work environment, people will leave. You have to drill down to the subcultures, or the various divisions like sales, marketing, or accounting, and ask employees to rank the most important things to them. Are people proud of what they do for the company? If not, you’re going to have problems. Does management encourage an open dialogue with workers? Management can’t make assumptions. You have to ask workers what they want to see. It’s not always about the money.

DB: What’s your reach?

SL: We have about 120 clients and a roster of 55 active clients. They come and go based on their needs. We do 70 percent of our work in North America, and the rest is done in places like South America, Europe, Russia, and other countries. Sometimes I’m on the road five days a week, so you have to make sure your staff is running the day-to-day operations (at the office).

DB: What do you travel with?

SL: A laptop and a tablet that runs Windows 8, and two cell phones (Windows 8 and BlackBerry) — one of which is a global phone. I use local SIM cards, and I have an iPad Mini to read books. db

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