PDA Q&A: Jim Napolitano

The E-Interview, Senior Vice President of Organic, Troy

DB: Where are you?
JN: In New York City. I travel on business quite a bit, and I’m visiting with our clients and our partners to enhance, or bring new life to, their brands.

DB: What does that entail?
JN: In the old days, an advertising agency would deliver everything, but today the industry is made up of (smaller) advertising, marketing, branding, digital, and communications disciplines. We call ourselves an interaction agency, rather than an interactive agency.

DB: More like a team sport?
JN: Exactly. For example, we just took on the Art Van Furniture account, and we’re looking at ways to drive a digital transformation to better meet and exceed their customers’ needs with new digital offerings for furniture and furnishings.

DB: How has branding changed?
In the old days, you would roll out a major campaign. That still works, but now there’s more of an overall strategy that includes digital. You’re listening to clients and consumers, and using that feedback to make brands have more meaningful connections to consumers. You can also utilize strategies that can predict when a customer is likely to make another order.

DB: Any travel tips?
JN: One of my secret passions is to get up early and run so I can see a new city through my sneakers. I also stay with the same hotel chain, so I know where everything is. Travel isn’t like it was; I have two young kids at home, and with FaceTime I can read a bedtime story and get caught up on how their day went.

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