Mary J. Lore

Founder and CEO, Managing Thought LLC, W. Bloomfield Township

DB: Where are you?

ML: In Naples, Fla, at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

DB: What’s going on there?

ML: I’m doing a workshop for a CEO retreat, and I’m combining that with a book-signing tour. I was just in Seattle, and I’m going to Lancaster, Pa., next week, and then Laguna Beach, Calif. I do five or six trips a month.

DB: Your new book, Managing Thought, came out in July. How has it been received?

ML: I was at a gathering of CEOs in Detroit yesterday, who are all members of a group called TEC Detroit, which is a worldwide CEO professional development organization, and I met several people who had already read the book. I’ve been consulting with companies all over the world on how they can achieve better results by placing greater focus on their thoughts, rather than [on] their actions.

DB: What can business leaders achieve by better managing their thoughts?

ML: There are around 60,000 thoughts that enter our minds each day, and by better managing those thoughts, executives can accomplish great things.

DB: What else can executives take from your book?

ML: I had one executive who was ready to fire two people on his team because he had limiting beliefs about them. After reading the book and going through the workshop, he found out that his own thinking was affecting how he viewed the employees. Now that he’s changed his perspective, his team is achieving phenomenal things.

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