Et Tu, Cadillac?

One of the most famous lines in a Shakespearean play are, “Et Tu, Brute?” The alleged last words are uttered from Roman dictator Julius...

The Feds Could Take Your Trademark, Too

As a businessperson, you should be afraid, very afraid, of what the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office did recently to Daniel Snyder, owner of...

Like Detroit, the UAW Needs to Reinvent Itself

One of my grandfathers was a 'union man.' But it didn’t last.

Autonomous Vehicles Hit a Bump in the Road

There could be a bump in the road when it comes developing driverless vehicles in Michigan.

Detroit Should Takes Notes From Oakland County

It's been 10 years since Oakland County established its Emerging Sectors program, and it has a lot to show for it.

You’ve Gotta Have Art: Hands Off The Detroit Institute of Arts

Great cities are defined by their cultural institutions. Don’t believe me? What is one of the most photographed buildings in the world? Hint: It’s in Sydney, Australia. There isn’t a 400-year history of opera in Australia, yet that one building’s combination of architecture and functionality for the numerous performance theaters inside have helped to define not only a city, but an entire country.