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30 in Their Thirties: Andrew Daitch // 39

Paul Davis had pioneered the nationwide brokerage of multifamily government-subsidized properties through his Affordable Housing Advisors firm in the late 1980s. When Andy Daitch met Davis after they had both begun to work at real estate broker Marcus & Millichap in Southfield, Daitch knew he was in the right place.

Case Study

Huron Capital Partners, a private equity firm in Detroit, has developed an acquisition platform that drives operational efficiencies through an in-house buy and build strategy.

Silver Bullet

If Indiana Jones ran an antiques store, it would be in downtown Rochester.

30 in Their Thirties: Shanell Weatherspoon // 37

Like many of its counterparts in urban areas, the Pontiac School District suffers from relatively high dropout rates, which means there are fewer Pontiac students heading for college. Despite this reality, many of the school district’s students have talent and determination, says Shanell Weatherspoon, who is dedicated to helping them reach their full potential.

30 in Their Thirties: Matthew Sharrak // 31

Matthew Sharrak’s career path was set at a young age, thanks to two distinct work experiences. He started working at his uncle’s pager shop in Detroit when he was 15, and at age 18, he began selling women’s shoes at Nordstrom.

30 in Their Thirties: Amy Peterson // 35

Since she was a young girl in Jamestown, N.Y., Amy Peterson wanted to work for a Major League Baseball team. Today she’s an associate counsel for the Detroit Tigers, where she reviews sponsorship contracts and provides legal counsel to the club’s front office.

30 in Their Thirties: Nash Khami // 37

A legacy of entrepreneurism and the lure of being his own boss encouraged Nash Khami to launch what was to become Midwest Mobility Solutions in 2009 with Matthew Sharrak, his nephew and co-“30 in Their Thirties” honoree.

30 in Their Thirties: Jason Houck // 30

Managing the lighting, electrical, fire, and HVAC functions of large buildings requires complex control systems. Unfortunately, in many older buildings these systems are physically segregated and are run by outdated software. This was the challenge Jason Houck found when he joined his family’s Hepta Control Systems in 2002, after graduating from high school.

Wright Time

A promising morphing air wing developed in Ann Arbor could revolutionize the aviation industry.

30 in Their Thirties: Courtney Tarara // 37

A combination of civic pride and an entrepreneurial family inspired Courtney Tarara to turn three neglected buildings in downtown Howell into a community focal point branded “Heart of Howell.”