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Leaders Make it Their Job to Look After Others

Our business, Diversified Industrial Staffing in Troy, recently celebrated its 14th year in business. During that time, we have had several dozen internal employees and have placed several thousand in various jobs.

Top 6 Mistakes Companies Make in Attracting Talent

Recent reports indicate that there are labor shortages for IT, manufacturing, mining, and medical professional jobs.

Would You Pay Bad Employees $3,000 to Leave?

The average cost of making a bad hire, according to 41 percent of companies surveyed by CareerBuilder, is $25,000.

How one company reduced employee turnover by over 80 percent

One of the biggest costs to any business is employee turnover. Regardless of the industry you are in, there is a significant cost to losing employees (often to competitors), recruiting potential new employees, screening, testing and evaluating the applicants, conducting multiple interviews, making job offers and sometimes counter-offers, onboarding new hires, and often many months of training.

Career Builder Data Shows Woeful Lack of Available Machining Talent in Metro Detroit

Career Builder verified last week what many local manufacturers already know — there is a severe lack of manufacturing talent seeking new jobs in Metro Detroit. The Career Builder Active Candidate Ratio shows that there are 4 jobs for every 1 machinist in Metro Detroit.

U.S. Employers — Skills Gap takes toll on Morale, Quality, and Revenue

The same week when increased unemployment numbers were issued by the U.S. Labor Department, a Harris Interactive/CareerBuilder survey sent a much different message to the nation's businesses.

Employee accountability vs. Employee entitlement

Baseball umpires and public school teachers, what could they possibly have in common?

Yahoo! must get rid of Thompson Now

It has been discovered that recently appointed Yahoo! CEO Scott Thompson lied about his educational background on his resume. The Yahoo! Board Member who vetted Thompson has since decided not to stand for re-election to the Board, while Thompson has refused to leave amid calls for his resignation.

The Human Capital Shell Game

The recently released unemployment numbers, showing a slight decrease to 8.2% in March 2012 from 8.3% the month before, are filled with false optimism. First of all, that extends the longest streak of 8%-plus unemployment since the Great Depression. Secondly, the U.S. economy hasn’t been below 8% unemployment since January 2009 and once you delve into the Labor Participation Rate, it is not an optimistic picture.

Close to 85% of Employees Plan to Search For a New Job in 2012

The tide is turning, the shift in mindset is here and now. The North American workforce believes that things are getting better, and employees who have been holding onto the job they currently have-no matter how much they hate their job-are now open to looking at new job opportunities.