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Every Business Leader Should Do a Triathlon — At Least Once

Life Lessons Could Translate into Business Lessons.

Potential Job Turnover Crisis Looming

Employers Need to Address Workers' Needs.

Firing Can be Good for the Company and Employee

Management indecision is the No. 1 reason a company keeps an employee longer than it should.

Vocational Education Viable Alternative for State’s Workforce

It’s a short term educational commitment, as well as a cost effective.

The Battle for Talented Employees to Get Worse

Long-term employees, who once stayed at their current job out of fear of an uncertain economy, are now jumping to new employers.

Why your Boss Determines your Paycheck

About a hundred years ago, Henry Ford had a serious problem. Employee turnover at his Ford Motor Company automobile manufacturing plants was around 400 percent. He was paying workers $2.34 for nine hours of work.

Manufacturers Among Leaders of Job Creation in 2013

The good news is that manufacturing hiring was up in 2012, with more growth projected for 2013 and 2014. The bad news isn't enough trained skilled laborers in the American workforce to fill the jobs available.

Finding Dream Job Takes Effort, Commitment

As the New Year begins, many of us take inventory of our lives and look for ways of improvement. Besides joining a gym or signing up for a language class, one area where some...

Michigan Right-To-Work Legislation Long Overdue

With all of the talk regarding the Michigan Right-to-Work vote taking place everywhere I turn, I started to reflect upon the only time in my life I was a union member. I was 16 years old and had secured my first job at a car wash.

Michigan and MEDC Miss the Mark with Talent Website Re-Launch

If the purpose of the new State of Michigan job connect website is to match employers with job seekers, the upgrades that have been made miss that goal — for both employers and job seekers.