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BLOG: The Human Side of Customer Service

Recently, a major airline (United Airlines) garnered world-wide attention because it had a passenger (i.e. a paying customer) forcibly removed from an overbooked flight. Almost immediately, the video shot by fellow passengers showing the incident went viral.

BLOG: The Power of Legacy

As business leaders, managers, and owners, our days often revolve around jumping from one fire to another.  In the hailstorm of client issues, vendor problems, or employee challenges, our day-to-day time often gets wrapped up in immediate, urgent business issues.  Rarely, if ever, do we get the luxury to consider the positive impact we have on those we meet, to ponder how we will be remembered.   The hectic daily world often prevents us from pondering what our legacy will be. 

Blog: To Grow Your Business, Share Financials with Employees

As a business owner or business leader, no matter how hard you work, you can only get a certain amount of work accomplished.  The limitations we all have in the vital areas of time and energy cannot be understated — both have limits. To get more done, we hire employees.  

Blog: Is 2017 the Tipping Point for the Manufacturing Skilled Labor Shortage?

According to a November 2016 survey released by PeopleReady — a staffing firm that specializes in placing manufacturing workers — a labor shortage appears to be slowing job growth for the first time since 2007.

Blog: Turning a Setback into a Success

This is my cautionary tale for all small business owners and entrepreneurs about a massive setback, which ultimately resulted in success beyond my dreams.

Blog: The Skilled Labor Workforce and the American Prison System

Titan Gilroy is an in-your-face change agent with a TV show on MavTV called Titan American Built, who wants to solve the skilled trades gap, specifically in the computer numeric controlled (CNC) space. He is willing to start at the lowest level of the American workforce, the prison system, and he is willing to teach the inmates at no cost.

Blog: Entry-Level Employee Blues

What do restaurants, retailers, landscapers, and manufacturers have in common — they all need entry-level workers. And, where do companies typically have their largest area of turnover — entry-level workers. Lastly, what segment of the workforce has the highest unemployment rate? Entry-level workers.

Blog: Is Full Employment a Good Thing?

In February, Fortune magazine declared that the U.S. was at “full employment.” While not every economist is in full agreement with the magazine, there is significant evidence that the labor market is drying up for employers who need to add employees or replace employees who are retiring or leaving for new job opportunities.

Blog: Redefining the Standard Definition of ‘Smart’

When I was a kid growing up in the 1980s, my parents drilled into my head, "Go to college to get a good job." The implication being that, if I earned a four-year degree, a good paying job would follow because I had secured that college diploma. Recently, I had the chance to speak with some college educators, including a college dean, and was stunned to find out that from within the academic world, the interpretation now is very different.

Blog: Manufacturing Jobs Need Perception Makeover

For many years it has been my belief that the biggest reason there is a skilled labor shortage is due to the negative perception that manufacturing jobs have in the minds of the general public. Many people believe that manufacturing jobs are not seen as viable careers, they are not an area that parents or school counselors guide children toward, and they are not seen as cool or cutting edge by millennials. These beliefs are outdated and untrue. Manufacturing jobs need a public relations makeover. And the sooner the better.