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Blog: Defining Mobility for the Automotive Industry

Mobility includes technologies and services that enable people and goods to move around more freely. Since launching Techstars Mobility in December 2014, the No. 1 question I get asked is: What does mobility mean? And the follow up: How does this relate to the automotive industry?

Blog: Startups Should Build Less and Sell More

“If you build it, they will come.” — Field of Dreams. In this iconic movie, Kevin Costner’s character hears a voice that tells him to plow part of his cornfield and build a baseball field. Once he builds it, they will come — the people he is supposed to help. And when he builds it, they do come.

Four Tips for Hiring an Awesome Software Engineer

Hiring a developer shouldn’t be much harder than hiring a non-technical person to join your team.

Blog: Four Tips for Hiring an Awesome Software Engineer

As a computer engineer and former CTO, startup entrepreneurs often ask me, “How can I hire an awesome developer?” and “How do I an interview a software engineer?” It can be tough, but it...

Celebrating Startups and Techweek in Detroit

It’s time for an event to celebrate and strengthen the growing entrepreneurial community in downtown Detroit.

Blog: Celebrating Startups and Techweek in Detroit

It’s been almost four years since Detroit hit rock bottom, but you wouldn’t know that. The enthusiasm and passion in the air downtown is contagious, and the amount of cool new stuff in Detroit...

Silicon Valley Transplant Calls for Stronger Startup Ecosystem

I’ve now been in Detroit for 882 days, or roughly, two years, five months, and one day. As an ex-Silicon Valley guy who co-founded and sold a company, I have a good sense of what...

Avoiding the Achilles’ Heel of Every Great Idea

Innovation is Rewarded but Execution Is Worshiped.

24 Business Insights from Billionaire Dan Gilbert

There is no Plan B; Plan B would distract from Plan A.

Sell the Benefits, Not the Features

It seems obvious, but most start-ups fail to do this.