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Cadillac Man

Sailing for England in 1895, William E. Metzger carried letters of introduction from Detroit and New York bankers, but after almost two weeks in London, he remained uninvited to the horseless carriage exhibition he’d traveled so far to see.

Medical Marvels

The Detroit funerals of the founders of Parke-Davis couldn’t have been more different. At Hervey Parke’s, in 1899, mourners packed St. John’s Episcopal Church on Woodward.

Three Times a Charm

Tiger left fielder Goose Goslin wanted nothing more than to get back to the Book-Cadillac Hotel, have a cup of coffee, and relax.

Detroit’s Cabin Class

When the 55-gallon fuel tank ran dry during a test flight of a new aircraft, Detroiter Eddie Stinson aimed his new plane for Chicago’s Jackson Park golf course. With more than 16,000 flying hours,...

The Entertainment Factory

From a radio studio in Detroit’s midtown, WXYZ mass-produced some of the nation’s most thrilling adventures during the 1930s. Famous series like The Lone Ranger and The Green Hornet were among the creative team’s enduring contributions to American pop culture.

Bavarian Rhapsody

From single-barrel delivery in the 1850s, Stroh’s rose to become the Motor City’s leading brew. But 20th-century overexpansion forced the company’s sale, bringing an inglorious end to its unique Detroit traditions.
closing bell

Resort of Renown

Tashmoo Park on Harsens Island held a special place in Detroiters’ hearts more than a century ago before stricter vessel laws, rising entertainment offerings, and the birth of the auto industry ultimately doomed the resort.

Conservative Cadillacs and Limousine Liberals

From Taft to Eisenhower to Obama: Chauffeuring America’s commander in chief in the modern age.

GM Turns 100

Having shaped modern business practices, improved consumers’ lives, and contributed mightily to the nation’s economic development, General Motors journeys into its second century, hoping that history will repeat itself.