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More than a wealthy enclave, Indian Village brought architectural richness and exceptional civility to Detroit.

Integrating Circuits

Not since Detroit absorbed California hot-rod culture have the Motor City and the Golden State embraced each other so tight. The quest to perfect self-driving cars and find innovative mobility solutions made it happen. Is this the biggest story in American business?

Beacons of Commerce

In the 19th century, lighthouse construction helped Great Lakes shipping flourish.

Under The Hood

Continental Motors Co. supplied horsepower to independent automakers before taking to the air.

Joyeux Noël

Christmas shopping in Detroit was simpler in 1880 before department stores, mass merchandising, and the debut of Santa’s Grotto.
Michigan Central Station lobby

Central to Everything

Thanks to George H. Webb, Michigan Central Railroad’s new depot in 1913 was a wonder of design and engineering.

Arsenal of Innovation

Propelled by the U.S. Army’s large R&D operation in Warren, the defense, automotive, manufacturing, IT, and cybersecurity sectors are converging to develop autonomous ground and aerial vehicles, new technologies, and rapid prototyping.
SS Columbia

Floating Paradise

Bob-Lo Island operated longer than any Detroit-area amusement park, but high costs, red tape, and changing tastes led to its demise.
Gibson Guitar Factory

Six-String Slinger

Gibson started out solo in his home workshop, but found financial backing to launch Gibson Mandolin-Guitar Manufacturing Co. Ltd. in 1902. His financial partners purchased rights to his patent for $2,500, while Gibson — taking 60 shares of stock — evidently became a salaried employee.

Flour Power

Mike and Marian Ilitch stretched pizza dough into an empire, then initiated Detroit’s comeback. But even some Little Caesars employees don’t know their story.