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Raising Equity: Entry 2 – Am I For Real?

The more benchmarks we meet (especially on time), the closer we are to achieving our goal.

Raising Equity: Entry 1 — Why?

Operating a business at dangerous levels calls for fool-proof planning and rapid execution.

Psy is Not Dead, President Obama is Not Injured

'Trust nothing that you hear, and half of what you see.'

How I Landed My First CFO Gig at 27

Technical skills are just a starting point.

How to Make Money and Stay Out of Prison

Federal, state, local, taxation, securities, and labor laws are only a handful of the endless amounts of rules and regulations a business must navigate.

Starbucks’ Howard Schultz on Gay Marriage — Publicity Stunt or Poor Risk Management?

Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, made a bold comment about the company’s stance on gay marriage at a shareholder’s meeting last month.

When Do You Kill a Dying Business?

It’s hard to know when a business has reached the point of no return.

Stop Wasting Time on Your Business Plan

The Lean Startup proposes that entrepreneurs follow specific principles to succeed.

When to Borrow Money from a Loan Shark

Is a factoring company a white knight or a knockout punch for a struggling business?

Who’s Minding the Storeroom?

We love our office coffee. In my opinion, the entire American economy would collapse without it. Not pursuant to the sale of beans or nondairy creamer, but from the sheer national lassitude that mass coffee deprivation would impose on our millions strong workforce.