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Am I Understood?

There are so many options available to the businessperson — once they have decided to go outside of their backyard. Let’s be heard.

What Do You Expect Globally?

This world of ours is forever shrinking. What used to be intangible for main stream businesses is available via the Internet, mobile phones, iPad, and countless other media.

Breaking Global Barriers

As a businessperson, you have learned that relationships are key to being in business and growing it. What do they do? They break down barriers. What is important is to learn what steps need to be taken to create these relationships.

Importance of Reaching Global

Today you can reach out across the world in nano seconds, but then what do you do? How do you relate? What steps does one take? And in what order? What are your expectations? And theirs? These questions will be answered over the next several blogs?

Getting Serious About Global Business

There is one very important thing to know: You don’t have to be a large corporation to be a global player.  It’s kind of funny — the rest of the world knows that, but it’s taken American entrepreneurs some time to realize that.

2010: A Global Year

The Year in Review stories have already begun to appear. Undoubtedly, many of the stories will summarize the political battles in Washington and America’s midterm elections. But what really stands out as I look back on the year is how many truly attention-grabbing stories were based beyond our borders.

Let’s Make Foreign Language Fun

Each week, I tutor several students who are taking Spanish classes in grades that range from elementary to high school. I certainly enjoy our tutoring sessions, and yet I find them somewhat frustrating. Each time we meet, I find myself more dismayed with what my students are taught — or better yet, not taught — in school.

A Phony Crisis in “London”

On a Monday morning not so long ago, I got up, went to my computer, and found I could not get to my email. I had checked it before going to bed, and there had been no problem. So I thought, “I’ll try again when I get back from my morning workout.”

Be Culturally Correct to Win Global Deals

For many American companies, doing business globally is a pot of gold that glistens and gleams, yet remains as elusive as the one at the end of the rainbow.