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The Art of Being Succinct

Being long-winded is the fastest way I know to turn people off.

Top 5 Travel Tips For Edward Snowden

Travel isn’t always glamorous, but it can be made easier.

Facebook: Only One Tool on the Tool Belt

When you share useful content related to your expertise, like-minded people will gravitate toward you.

Not Marketing on Facebook is Often a Selfish Decision

Traditional marketing takes its cues from the once popular door-to-door salesman.

5 Cool Ideas for How to Manage Time

Time was in the news last week when the sequestration deadline caused massive cuts to the Federal budget. Also last week, Governor Snyder decided that time had run out for the City of Detroit and declared Michigan’s largest city’s finances to be a financial emergency.

The Six Levers of Influence

Persuasion is part science, which means that by studying the data, you can become more influential and even a better salesperson.

5 Cool Ideas for Becoming a Better Speaker

When acquiring a skill, it's best to immerse yourself in the discipline and allow yourself to grow into the new skill set.

The Weaker Person Controls the Relationship

It would be nice if relationships with people were always easy and fun like on Mayberry RFD, but they are not.

5 Cool Ideas for Remembering What You Read

We need to be better at comprehending and remembering what we read.

5 Cool Ideas for Dealing With Difficult People

They service us, we work with them, we commute with them, and some of us even live with them. Difficult people are everywhere. In my seminars, I teach people how to deal with specific types of difficult people, which I name after animals because they have animal traits. Here are 5 Cool Ideas for dealing with difficult people.