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Blog: So the Story Goes… Finding Meaning in a Data-Rich Age

In this modern age, there is more data and information being captured, collected and catalogued than ever before in the history of humankind. Who are the storytellers and where are the stories that will bring this data to life?

Blog: Heart, Sound, and Soul: Motown, Music, and Human-Centered Design

Lately, I've been wondering if it's possible to run a successful business targeting people as your central, most important resource. Beyond the standard, corporate culture and human resource platitudes, does human-centered business design really work? Then I went to visit Hitsville U.S.A., where from two modest houses in Detroit came a sound that changed the world.

Blog: Millennials Open Up the Job Hopping Door

Much has been written, maybe too much has been written, about the job-hopping trend that millennials in the workforce has caused.

Blog: Driving Super Performance: Culture, Process, and the Balance Between

Small companies often succeed on sheer will and raw talent. Large companies build strength and power through the mechanics of process innovation. But neither model is sustainable.

Blog: The Impact of Mindfulness in Life and Work

In classical folklore and literature, the antagonist or force of evil uses distraction as a tool to trip up and defeat the hero. The villain confuses the hero by preoccupying him/her with either events from the past or fears of the future. This tactic prevents the hero from focusing on the present and dealing with the task at hand.

Blog: Driving Success Right Off the Cliff

All businesses are driven toward success. Of course, success can be a subjective thing, depending on whom you ask. It’s ironic to think that from an organizational development perspective, the preoccupation with continued success can mark the beginning of long-term failure.

Blog: So You Work for an Ax Murderer — Now What?

Have you ever had that feeling that your boss, manager, or supervisor might actually have bodies buried under their house?

Blog: The Growing Visualization of Our Culture

It’s a stark reality that as a culture, we are becoming less literate, however, book lovers and avid readers should not be disheartened. As the National Education Association points out, “Western civilization has become more dependent than ever on visual culture, visual artifacts, and visual communication as a mode of discourse and a means of developing a social and cultural identity.”

Bastian: Speed Kills — Optimizing Sales Performance with Deadly Accuracy

As organizations continue to rebuild and grow, the first area of focus is sales. In every for-profit business, all things begin and end with the strength (or weakness) of its sales department.

Blog: Drive Performance by Moving the Middle

Successful sales organizations understand the importance of focusing on the middle of the pack, as opposed to the top or the bottom in relationship to optimizing performance.