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In Finance and Politics, Greed Isn’t Always Good

In all our frenzy, we seem to have lost sight of and a hold on reality.

Portfolios and Politics

This morning I woke early to make my usual French-press coffee, turn on Beethoven, open every window possible to let in the crisp Michigan air, and watch the sunrise while catching up on the night’s events in international markets.

Financial Theory: Undoing the Mistakes

Investors fail to grasp the root of today’s volatility, incapable of determining a better strategy than the rote, myopic style they learned in years past.

Second Thoughts on Facebook’s IPO

The upcoming and much anticipated Facebook stock offering promises to live up to its hype. Analysts will pontificate, investors will gobble-up as many shares as possible, and the official listing of this Internet giant will mark a significant moment in finance — the most formal acceptance yet of social networking as a mainstay in our markets and economy.

Confidence or Contemplation

After being in the finance industry for many years, beginning my practice at a major Wall Street brokerage, starting my own firm, investing millions and millions of dollars through the worst markets in decades, teaching portfolio management at the university and graduate levels to hundreds of students, traveling throughout the world

Resolutions and Portfolios: Creating Habits toward True Improvement

As a new year begins, many use this time to draft resolutions and envision a different future for themselves. Often, such personal promises revolve around fitness, occupation, relationships, and finance. For one, this annual process brought an odd realization about wardrobe, and implications for life.

Living By Steve Jobs’ Script

We spend so much time and energy worried about what other people think and how the world expects us to behave. And though we all desperately want to get off the hamster wheel, life seems to have a predetermined script for everyone that can frustrate and stifle the brilliance and creativity in any of us.

But, What is Our Government Really Saying?!

In Washington, our political leaders argue constantly over spending and taxes — a fight that will no doubt make headlines in the weeks ahead. We will hear speeches, the media will be on attack, and congressional leaders and the President will be a fixation of CNN, Fox News, and more.

A Single Focus and Resounding Success: What Greatness Can Mean For the City...

As with most of my better thoughts, this personal reflection took place on many long walks over various days. Ultimately, I was certainly honored, but also troubled.

Unquestionably Unpredictable

In markets, randomness abounds and prediction is impossible. Nonetheless, many buy or sell based on an analyst's recommendation or a personal deduction. Investors try to account for and anticipate all factors — an already futile feat becoming increasingly more difficult in a globalized, ever more connected world.