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Blog: Isolationism is Bad for Business

When asked what transformational document was created in 1776 that produced the world’s only superpower of today, many Americans would answer, The Declaration of Independence.

Blog: Understanding the Trump Phenomenon

With the importance of money in fueling a run for the White House, it's no surprise that we always seem to find ultra-high net worth candidates on the ballot. However, it's not simply their ability to self-fund a campaign that enables the super rich to be perennial contenders for the presidency.

We the People

Alignment between business and government should mark the last two years of the Obama administration, much like it did in the first two years of the presidency.

A New Perspective: Dollars, Not Democracy

Since World War II, the U.S. has known no real competition from any other country. How much longer will that last?

Blog: A New Perspective: Dollars, Not Democracy

As I ponder the separate, but related, trajectories of America and China, I have noticed a profound and fundamental difference that puts into jeopardy the longstanding economic and geopolitical advantages of the United States....

Keep it Simple: Buy Low, Sell High

Investing has nothing to do with might.

The Intellectual Void

A Memo to Stakeholders: Technology itself is not our enemy.

Time Heals All Wounds

It is the activities of investors that are beginning today which should be highlighted and studied.

The Real Cliff

As the end of the year approaches, far too many reflect with top 10 lists, headline highlight reels, and even pictorial flashbacks at what was the past 12 months.

“Dear Mr. President:” A Letter to Barack Obama

The United States of America is at an impasse. For many years, this country has maneuvered quite a path relative to the booming gross domestic product (GDP).