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Blog: Employee Engagement Has Evolved. Have You?

Such phrases as “You get to keep your job, that’s your reward,” or “We’re in business to make money, not to make employees happy,” were once common for employers to say to employees, but are appalling these days. And rightfully so; but the philosophies behind them were all too common when I first started my career.

Blog: It’s 2018. Do You Know Where Your Future Workforce Is?

It’s a high-stakes question with wide-ranging implications for the global economy, Michigan businesses, and local workers – and we’re overdue to tackle it head-on. Ten years ago, with double-digit unemployment and a surplus of job seekers, companies weren’t worried about training. Five years ago, predictions of a robot apocalypse made it seem that reskilling employees might be pointless.

Blog: Bringing Humanity Back to the Workplace

Last month as we celebrated one of my team member’s service anniversaries, it struck me that I was witnessing a quiet revolution. Artificial intelligence and machine learning may be transforming every aspect of every industry, but people at all levels — in offices, factories, and workspaces across the country — are craving authentic and respectful connections.

Blog: Put People Before Perks to Refocus Your Talent Strategy

Sometimes, the most valuable lessons happen when you least expect it. I was reminded of that when a recent business venture took me literally off the grid in Detroit, onto streets my GPS didn’t recognize.

Blog: Find the Talent You Need by Considering Underserved Workers

The framework for a successful business still has, at its core, the principles outlined by Adam Smith in his groundbreaking business book, The Wealth of Nations, in 1776. With today’s historically low unemployment rate, however, his law of supply and demand is being put to the test.

Blog: Myths About Employer Branding that Prevent Companies from Attracting and Retaining Top Workers

A thriving economy and low unemployment is often viewed as positive. Dig deeper, however, and you will find a lot of angst among various companies as they scramble to attract qualified job seekers and retain current workers in ways they’ve never had to do before.

As the Economy Continues to Improve, Employers are Making Pay-rate Strategies a Priority

The continued economic acceleration is creating new pay rate dynamics for employers and employees across metro Detroit and the U.S. Record-low unemployment rates mean many employers now have to consider doing more than they have before to keep or attract talent.

Guest Blog: How the Skills Shortage and Gig Economy is Changing the Way Companies...

Watching the Winter Olympics in South Korea, it's obvious that almost every athlete displays incredible balance and flexibility. You simply can't succeed as a competitor without these qualities. More than ever, this also holds true for businesses trying to compete in the ever-changing world of talent. Balance and flexibility are becoming the key drivers of success for HR and talent acquisition professionals across the U.S. and in the metro Detroit region.