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30 in Their Thirties: Daniel Zwolak // 37

Daniel Zwolak started Seeds Marketing+Design in 2008, around the time the world’s economy was plunging into its worst downturn since the Great Depression. His timing was perfect.

30 in Their Thirties: Heather Zara // 31

Heather Zara’s friends thought she was crazy to quit her 10-year sports broadcasting career to open a video company that specializes in TV commercials, branding videos, philanthropic films, and weddings.

30 in Their Thirties: Melanie Williams // 32

When Melanie Williams couldn’t find a job after graduating from Wayne State University, she created her own position and became a public relations practitioner. Her first client was someone who had noticed how hard Williams worked on a project during a college internship.

30 in Their Thirties: Aaron Broglin // 38

Vacationing in northern Michigan, Aaron Broglin noticed several small, gourmet food companies and had a big idea. If people bought from these businesses while they were Up North, why wouldn’t they buy the same products when they were back home?

30 in Their Thirties: Larry Brinker Jr. // 36

To boost productivity, Larry S. Brinker Jr., president of L.S. Brinker Co., a general contracting and construction management firm in Detroit, equipped his workers with tablets so they wouldn’t have to fiddle with paper drawings on job sites. His efforts to make improvements in the business didn’t stop with his own company.

The Century Club – 2015

From engineering to clean water, firms and institutions evolve to thrive 100 years and beyond.

Health Care Without Borders

Two hospital CEOs, from opposite sides of the Detroit River, want to foster regional economic development by collaborating more closely on a variety of medical ventures — and get others from around the country...

Pain Relief

Monroe-based inventors introduce laser medical device to manage chronic joint pain.

Flight of Fancy

A century-old home in Grosse Pointe is refashioned for historical and modern tastes.

The Century Club – 2014

Increased globalization, along with a rapidly evolving business climate, challenges family-owned firms and institutions like never before.