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From a Trailer to a Multimillion-Dollar Research Clinic

How one U-M doctor is charting a course for bringing breakthrough cancer research out of the lab and delivering it directly to patients.

Celling Out

Toiling day and night to eradicate debilitating diseases like Parkinson’s and ALS, U-M neurologist Eva Feldman is benefiting from a new state constitutional amendment on stem-cell research — and she just might be the next Jonas Salk.

Made in Detroit

Peter Karmanos Jr. has tapped his blue-collar work ethic and a knack for discovering the next big thing to build Compuware Corp. into a global information-technology power- house — but his latest move could be an industry game-changer.

‘Beat Us If You Can’

Can GM’s intrepid investment in battery technology once again make it a major player in the global auto industry? Or is the once-formidable giant destined to become just one of many companies serving a slow-growing niche market?

Made In Michigan

When entrepreneurs Aaron and Michelle Crumm were deliberating where to start their fuel-cell company, Adaptive Materials Inc., Michigan was at the top of their list as the place to build their 21st-century products.

Recession Proof?

In the wake of Pfizer’s distressing departure from Ann Arbor, a well-placed entrepreneurial Spark lit a fire under the resilient little college town and helped avoid an economic catastrophe.

The World According to Littmann

Just because David Littmann has retired as one of Michigan’s leading economic analysts doesn’t mean the former chief economist of Comerica Bank has stopped making astute fiscal forecasts or lambasting politicians.