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The Tipping Point

Since 2011, a steady reorganization of Michigan's fiscal policies has buoyed business spending and growth, but political indecision in Washington threatens to bring the entire global economy to a screeching halt.

What if Taxpayers Hadn't Bailed Out GM and Chrysler?

Washington’s bailout provided Michigan and Detroit with a huge short-term window to restructure finances and spark an economic revival. But major challenges loom on the horizon.

Lending at Lite Speed

Think it’s tough to get a business loan? Imagine what a bank must go through to meet Dodd-Frank — onerous background checks on loan officers and applicants (including fingerprinting), stifling regulations, caps on fees, and exhaustive documentation.

Down on the Farm

Michigan's booming agricultural sector, especially urban framing, offers the best hope of revitalizing Detroit.

What’s in a Signature?

You’ve no doubt encountered identical twins. Perhaps you’re even familiar with identical particles. But have you ever come across two people with the exact same handwriting? It isn’t likely. The chance that two people would have identical penmanship is less than one in 68 billion. Not even fingerprints are that unique.

The Road to Recovery

2010 Michigan Economic forecast.

The Perfect Storm

Contrary to the conventional wisdom conveyed in an election year by a hyped media, the U.S. economy over the past seven years has enjoyed good growth and excellent productivity gains.

A State of Recession

Michigan may not be mired in just another declining economic cycle. It appears the Great Lakes state is in the midst of an indeterminate downward trend.