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Michigan's Ticking Time Bomb for Property Owners

What happens when the rules for environmental protection suddenly change? Tens of thousands of blissfully ignorant property owners may be about to find out.  For the last 18 years, Michigan has touted its Baseline Environmental...
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Michigan’s Ticking Time Bomb for Property Owners

Land owners may now have to engage in expensive studies and possibly remediation or other work to prevent new risk.

If It Acts, Sounds, and Walks like a Tax, Then It is a Tax

When I use a word,' Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, 'it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.' — Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass As...
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Funding Environmental Initiatives in the Age of Austerity

If it acts, sounds, and walks like a tax, then it is a tax.
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Earth Day at 43 — What Have We Learned?

Is it far easier for us to 'tune out' on the environment today?
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What’s next for Detroit Water Department?

The court refused to order the implementation of the Root Cause Report’s recommendations for a variety of reasons.
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Finding Funds to Support Energy Research

I really like this and think it’s the sort of future-thinking investment our government should be pursuing.
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Lower Lake Levels on Great Lakes Effects Commerce

Here in Michigan, we are aware of how lake levels have dropped. Levels of the Great Lakes have been lower than average for the last 12 years. Lakes Michigan and Huron are particularly low.
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Be Careful What You Wish For

A week ago, Paul Ryan and many other members of Congress began to talk about calling President Obama's bluff and allowing the budget sequestration voted into effect last year to occur. If budget sequestration takes effect on March 1, 2013, according to a September 14, 2012 report from the White House Office of Management and Budget ("OMB"), the EPA will face a projected $716 million budget cut.
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Is President Obama Serious About Climate Change?

President Obama dedicated a whole paragraph of his second inaugural address to the issue of global climate change. In part, he said: "We will respond to the threat of climate change, knowing that the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations.