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Blog: Climate Change and Infrastructure

After that 100-year winter we just came out of — and the potholes it left behind — everyone seems to be talking about infrastructure.

Blog: Climate Change: Don’t Put All Your Bananas in One Basket

Climate change seems to be in the media regularly these days. There are stories in the United Nations’ reports about climate change, and President Obama has announced a two-pronged plan: attack causes of climate...
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Climate Change: Don’t Put All Your Bananas in One Basket

The best method to adapt and become resilient to climate change is to diversify.
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With Great Technology Comes Great Upheaval

We’ve all seen how the Internet has changed certain businesses.

Blog: Discussions Get Ugly Over Detroit Water Department

Tucked into the Detroit bankruptcy plan released by emergency financial manager Kevyn Orr this month was a small section discussing the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department.
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Why Not a Regional Water System?

The current system needs infrastructure upgrades which are likely to be very expensive.
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Detroit Water Dept. Must Reorganize to Survive

Did you ever think about where your water comes from and what may be in it? I have a good friend who never thought about the fact that there was a finite amount of water and that certainly some of what came out of his tap had, at some point (possibly in the distant past), likely passed through someone else’s bladder. What that means is that proper treatment of wastewater may have a serious impact on drinking water quality and public health.

Blog: What Lies Ahead for Packard Plant and other Michigan Brownfields?

For the last 20 years, we have seen the innovative and aggressive Michigan brownfield liability and environmental laws move redevelopments forward. While some of these projects have been big, all of them have been...
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What Lies Ahead for Michigan Brownfields?

More aggressive liability and environmental laws are moving redevelopments forward.
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Stay Calm: Regulation on Wetlands Not in Jeopardy

State Hearing in December No Cause for Worry.