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Detroit’s Infrastructure — an Emotional Earthquake

Why waste time writing about Detroit’s infrastructure? We have a nation in an emotional, fiscal earthquake. The tremors arise in all the states, and the Richter Scale that catches it all is Washington D.C.

NITC — Governor Supported, Chamber Approved

At its annual Detroit Regional Chamber conference, Michigan’s business leadership received a carefully prepared report by the Anderson Group supporting the financial feasibility and common sense for a proposed publically bonded New International Trade Crossing (NITC).

Downsizing Detroit Part II: Ensuring Equality

Providing his initial contemplated plan, Detroit Mayor Dave Bing noted that certain neighborhoods would receive greater benefits to the detriment of other likely less desirable and certainly less viable neighborhoods, at least in the mind of the city of Detroit administration.

Are Farmers Pro DRIC?

This blog has discussed the proposed bridge between Detroit and Windsor generally in a favorable fashion. However, Paul Jackson of The Michigan Farm News, has prepared his own independent analysis of the situation, which I think warrants consideration.

Detroit River International Crossing Problem…Continued

On June 24, 2011, I left the DRIC Post with a final question “In a further blog, the debate about ownership will be raised. The issues at this point are simply this: Should a second bridge be built? If so, how?”

Downsizing Detroit: What Are We Waiting For?

Mayor David Bing has as close to unanimous support of this community as any mayor since Coleman Young at the end of his first administration. People in our city and suburbs want to see Detroit work, grow, and flourish.

Proposed Bridge Between Detroit and Windsor — The DRIC Problem

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is accustomed to an entrepreneurial environment where business decisions are made in a rational and expeditious fashion in private industry.

Vital Infrastructure

When Warren Mayor Jim Fouts called Detroit’s aging infrastructure a “ticking time bomb that’s ready to go off” earlier this year, he was referring to the state of Southeast Michigan’s water and sewer system