Don’t Let Your Age Hold You Back on Technology

You are seasoned, talented, and have impeccable references. But as an accountant in your 50s, or older, you can’t find a job. It’s easy...

Eminent Domain of Mortgages to Save Communities?

In many communities where there was rapid over-development and money far too easily loaned prior to 2008, properties were simply sold for too much money.

How I Landed My First CFO Gig at 27

Technical skills are just a starting point.

Last Minute Tax Planning Checklist

Before you file on April 17, have you considered the following credits and deductions.

Deadline approaching to file “Unclaimed Property Voluntary Disclosure Agreement”

Your business may be one of the over 350,000 companies with Michigan operations who recently received a notice from the Michigan Department of Treasury, urging you to file an “Unclaimed Property Voluntary Disclosure Agreement” (VDA). Many of you may have questions surrounding the notice and how to comply. The following question and answer segment is designed to assist with addressing some of these concerns.