Intrepid Control Systems in Madison Heights Introduces All-in-one Data Logger for Autonomous Vehicles


Intrepid Control Systems Inc. has unveiled its Autonomous ONE motherboard for autonomous vehicles.

Photo courtesy of Intrepid Control Systems Inc.

Intrepid Control Systems Inc. in Madison Heights Friday introduced its Autonomous ONE motherboard, an all-in-one data logger that links various components of autonomous vehicle technology.

Systems in the motherboard include the autonomous CPU, GPS/GNSS, and connectors for sensors including cameras, radar, LiDAR, and other inputs.

“Most autonomous development vehicles employ a multitude of different proprietary systems, components, and computers from different sources, requiring developers to waste a lot of time trying to tie them all together,” says Don Hatfield, director of global sales at Intrepid. “Our Autonomous ONE motherboard provides a single, clean platform to quickly and easily connect everything into a single open platform.”

The motherboard works with all autonomous CPUs that support PCIe, MIPI camera inputs, and Ethernet. It can hold up to 54 automotive Ethernet ports, 48 CAN/CAN FD channels, and 64 Terabytes of storage using PCIe 2.0 slots with NVMe SSD. High-speed serializer/deserializer camera interfaces are supported for the direct camera or sensor connection with a capacity of up to 28 cameras.

Autonomous ONE also can be used for automatic and manual remote download, control, and monitoring of data through a wireless 4G/5G or 60 GHzWiGig connection.

The motherboard is slated to be available at the end of 2019. Intrepid is introducing it at the CES technology exposition this week in Las Vegas.

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