September-October 2012

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Business Features

Energy Audit

Southfield Firm Aims to Reduce Energy Costs for Homeowners.

Global Consul

At one time, people with mental disabilities were treated as outcasts. As social standards and laws began to change, Macomb-Oakland Regional Center Inc. found itself on the front lines of an often-bitter battle.

What if Taxpayers Hadn't Bailed Out GM and Chrysler?

Washington’s bailout provided Michigan and Detroit with a huge short-term window to restructure finances and spark an economic revival. But major challenges loom on the horizon.

A Cellar's Market

One man's budding interest in wine proved to pair well with his entrepreneurial spirit.

A Baker's Son

The Epicurean Group regroups and expands.

Innovation on Tap

Operating arguably the most advanced digital laboratory in metro Detroit, Microsoft gambles on the region’s prowess as a global technology hub.

Checking In

The Henry in Dearborn is riding a major renovation and an economic upswing.

30 in Their Thirties 2012

One thing is certain, the 2012 Class of “30 in Their Thirties,” as nominated by our readers, isn’t content with a day job as they drive revenue and open new frontiers around the world.
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From the Magazine

Wall Street of Detroit

The Buhl Building in downtown Detroit served as a secret repository for financing armament production in the lead-up to World War II.

Presidential Care

Michigan’s voice in the 2012 presidential race could decide the election.
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