March-April 2012

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Business Features

Shifting Gears

Green Team

A business incubation center in Detroit practices what it preaches.

Land of the Lost

Frustrated by delays in acquiring key property in Detroit, private companies and individuals are brazenly taking city-owned land for their own gain.

Tequila Sunrise

How a turnaround expert got a taste of a new industry.

Down on the Farm

Michigan's booming agricultural sector, especially urban framing, offers the best hope of revitalizing Detroit.

What's New for 100-Year-Old Companies

Plug In

Growing sales of electric vehicles jolt demand for charging stations.

Engineering a Comeback

The Century Club

Rain Dance

A Detroit entrepreneur grabs a larger share of the Blue Economy.

Yottabing, Yottabyte

Managing, changing, and storing data is about to get easier -- and less expensive.
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From the Magazine

Constructing the Future of Michigan

Adopting highly efficient building principles in the public sector will spur economic activity.

The Hull Story

Long before the automotive industry roared to life, shipbuilders were a dominant force in Detroit.

Economics 101

The Obama administration and Congress, out to prove they are smarter than everyone else, have set a fuel economy mandate that is arbitrary and wanting of basic science.
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