July-August 2012

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Business Features

Up In The Air

Tips for Stress Relief from Detroit Pistons Trainer Arnie Kander

A graduate in physical therapy from Wayne State University, Kander began his career as a professional dancer and worked at a fitness center before joining the Pistons in 1992.

Aero Tech Town

Detroit City Airport has established an industrial R&D cluster to develop the next generation of aircraft, including civilian drones.

A New Path

Fundraising is challenging enough, but it’s even more difficult during an economic recession.

Digital Trader

A financial expert in Auburn Hills uses algorithms to predict investment trends.

Roll 'Em

Michigan’s tax credits for Hollywood films underwent drastic cuts in 2011, but reworked legislation opened the door to viral players.

Stress Relief

Stress and burnout are the silent killers of productivity, causing more than 60 percent of work absences each year. The prevalence of instant messaging, laptops, smartphones, iPhones, iPads, and BlackBerrys make it difficult for anyone to unplug from work.

Crystal Ball

Can a mobile app developed in Detroit predict the future?

A Legal Shot

Can a company maintain and build market share by aggressively suing its rivals? Consider the David vs. Goliath legal battle between Birmingham's On Go Energy drink and Farmington Hills's 5-Hour Energy drink.

Floor Burn

Running, dancing, and driving can power the future.

Fluid Dynamics

The Soviet Union’s loss is Michigan’s gain.

Powered by Women 2012

From automotive to information technology, more female business leaders are making their mark in the management ranks of major organizations.
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From the Magazine

Can The Big Three Survive Success?

Forget another bailout. GM, Ford, and Chrysler must keep winning on the sales floor.

By the Book

In 40,000 photos taken between 2005 and 2011, Julia Reyes Taubman captured every nook and cranny of Motown — from motorcycle clubs to scattershot

A Shining Beacon

Taking on gas and electric monopolies, along with political corruption, Detroit Mayor Hazen S. Pingree led the city of out darkness.
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