January-February 2012

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Business Features

All Politics Aside

The run-up to the presidential election will likely be the nastiest race in history, both in the battle for the White House and for Michigan's Congressional seats.


Micro-Size Me

Company cafeterias are giving way to hybrid micro-markets.

The Butler Did It

Estate management was a cottage industry before a Grosse Pointe entity created a global association to serve domestic professionals.

Size Does Matter

A new website serving Michigan takes the hassle out of finding and leasing professional office space.

Magic Time

Can Magic Johnson and Dozens of other venture capitalists seed and mentor enough entrepreneurs to fill downtown Detroit?

Import Export

Michigan could significantly raise its trade capacity, generate millions of dollars in economic activity, and create thousands of jobs by positioning itself as a global freight hub to the Midwest and the rest of the world.

Going Mobile

Credit card transactions are no longer confined to bricks-and-mortar businesses.


Song of Wyoming

Former GM plant near Grand Rapids undergoes major transformation.

Innovation Station

A new ‘invention’ shop in Dearborn offers an on-ramp to the global marketplace.
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From the Magazine

Rubber Match

Detroit's Uniroyal plant helped put the world on wheels before succumbing to technology and age. But the gunk and crud remained - until now.

The Scorecard

While there’s plenty of nostalgia for bringing competitive baseball back to the historic Tiger Stadium site, the numbers don’t add up.

Road Blocks

Can Detroit's Big Three survive and thrive in a climate of rising regulations, runaway litigation, and high taxation?
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