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Dave Tear
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Sales Training and Coaching is straight from the street! Dave Tear is Michigan’s leading sales trainer and sales coach, and he gets selling! On the blog, Tear – Owner of Sales Coaches’ Corner – tells it like it is. If you want Tear to tell you everything you’re doing is right, you’d better make sure you’re doing everything right! Stay tuned for hard-core selling suggestions, prospecting tips, referral nuggets, phone stuff, attitude adjustments, qualifying questions, people skills, and all-around communication skills. Will he motivate you? For a minute or two, but it won’t last. If you need motivation and you’re in sales, you made the wrong career choice. Stay tuned, open your mind, and be prepared to let The Coach help you learn to win!

A World Cup Analogy: Prospect 2, Salesperson Nil

It’s true, and you know it! Be honest — it happens all the time. When was the last time you gave your prospect (or current client) all the information they needed to buy from your competitor? Last month? Last week? Yesterday? Hurt’s doesn’t it? Did you do it on purpose? No way! But it does happen.
Looks like this: Prospect is “interested” in something you offer. You meet with them — get the specifics, and get to work. Here’s what you offer:
  • Proposals
  • Quotes
  • Case Studies
  • Engineering solutions
  • Creative Ideas
  • Pricing
  • Proprietary (yeah right) Information
  • Trials
  • Demos
  • Samples
So far your ...

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The #1 Sales Myth of All Time: It’s the Holidays… Companies Don’t Want to See Me Let Alone Buy from Me

It’s December of 2009 and even though it hurts me to ask… I have to: Do you know companies that start to wind things down right about now? It’s the holidays and since not much happens during the holidays they might as well run on cruise control until the New Year. Do you know salespeople like this, also? They figure that since, “it’s the holidays” … companies don’t want to see salespeople… besides their budgets have already been spent… and the decision-makers take a lot of time off during the holidays. You know what they call companies and salespeople that think like that? Soon to be out of business!

Successful companies don’t go on cruise control — ever. Successful salespeople don’t ...

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Nothing in the Pipeline? You’ll Fall All Over Yourself to Close a Deal!

Have you ever felt like your ego was crumbling away as you followed up — relentlessly — on a deal that you thought would close weeks ago? You’re not alone.

It sounds like this: “Just following up on the information we provided...” or “Call me at your convenience...” or “I wondered if you had time to review the proposal ...” If you take nothing else away from this blog please know this — it will never, ever be convenient for a prospect (or even a client) to call you back — so stop saying it!

I love salespeople. Problem is...  you guys & gals have this knack of following up on deals. It’s a natural behavior after giving a proposal, quote, or presentation — to salespeople it ...

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9.11.01 – The Date All the Rules Were Changed

Everyone in America (and most other countries) remembers exactly where they were at 8:45 a.m. on September 11, 2001. That’s the day and time that a lot of things changed in our country. We can’t walk to the gate with our family before their plane takes off anymore – we wait a lot longer at the border on the way to a Windsor Spitfires game – we can’t have as much fun in Crystal Bay anymore – hell, we can’t even take a carry-on bag on the plane if it has more than a few ounces of shampoo in it anymore! The rules have changed.

The rules have changed for salespeople also. Prospects are more educated than they have ever been before. Companies are under more pressure to cut costs than they ever were before. Companies have ...

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Stop Trying to Motivate Salespeople

Owners of companies, presidents of companies, VPs of sales, and sales managers ... HEAR THIS... You can’t motivate anyone! That’s right. Stop trying to motivate your salespeople — it can’t be done. Salespeople have to want it for themselves. You can’t give it to them — no matter how hard you try. Do you ever get the feeling you want success for your salespeople more than they want it for themselves? That’s because from time to time YOU DO! It happens more often than you think. If your salespeople don’t have the fire in the belly and the passion in their heart to want to succeed, it is game over.

Motivation only works for a short period of time (if it worked any longer, don’t you think the Lions would’ve had ...

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