Women in Business

Medina A. Hunter
Director of Business Development — Signal Restoration, Troy

Medina A. Hunter of metro Detroit has developed and managed sales accounts in a variety of business sectors, including automotive and the petroleum industry.

She specializes in achieving revenue, profit, and business growth objectives in start-up, turnaround, and rapid-change environments. Her deep understanding of critical business drivers in multiple markets and industries drives her success.

She is an expert in executive sales leadership, operations management, strategic business planning, and team leadership/building.

Ms. Hunter has mentored female professionals, and strives to offer helpful hints for women in business.

The Hybrid Woman

To work or not to work? Just when you thought the Mommy wars were over, they’re back in full force. There are so many factors sparking the age-old issue these days. Most recently, the debate erupted nationally when Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen said likely Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney’s wife, who raised five sons, had "never worked a day in her life."

The comment reignited a mom-culture war that dates back to Hillary Clinton's 1992 remark that instead of working as a lawyer, she "could have stayed home and baked cookies." Unfortunately this debate is like a hamster running on a wheel. Since the global recession in 2008, family choice has all but disappeared.

What a great time it must have ...

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Competitors or Challengers?

Competitors are great gifts from the “business gods.” Let’s face it, if there were no competitors, how would you be able to rate yourself? For that matter, how could you rate the organization that you dedicate your time to? Women, like men, are competitive in nature. It all started in third grade when you noticed Becky’s hair was thicker, curlier, and longer. You begged your mom not to give you the Dorothy Hamill bowl cut that she preferred so your locks could be longer.

Let’s face facts. You need other people in your industry to compare against as it relates to goals, motivations, metrics, and success. Without a competitor, how would you know if you needed to be better?  Or the mirror side of this question, how would you ...

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Swing And A Miss!

My phone rang on a recent workday morning. On the other end was a client of mine. The conversation went like this: “Hi Medina, I just hired a new marketing rep and I was wondering if I could bring her by so you could meet her? I value your opinion. I need to know what you think, and how you size her up ability wise.” “Sure.” I exclaimed, “Bring her by.”

Within a half hour my colleague was in my office with his new girl. She was young and attractive. I was impressed already. But then she started to talk, and talk, and talk about herself. I quickly floated away into my own thoughts, drifting as every minute continued. I even answered an email on my phone. She never paid attention; she just kept talking about herself, her ...

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Nurturing Nemesis: Why Can’t I Close a Business Deal?

Let's face it; you’re a dynamic, well versed, and charismatic saleswomen (or man). If you didn't possess such traits, you wouldn't be in sales. But for whatever reason, you’re not closing. I personally prescribe to the philosophy that people buy people.

Customers enjoy being around good people. Selling should be viewed as an opportunity to represent yourself as a polished professional, before launching into the attributes of a product or service. Why? If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?

So you’re having an issue closing a sale. What to do?

Ok, start by asking yourself who you are, and who you represent? Am I a believable, trustworthy, and admired person, or not?  Does my image coincide ...

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Does Your Timing Need a Total Reconstruction?

Because women are programmed to multi-task like robots, we end up doing too many things. As a result, we wind up wasting time and energy.

Women are programmed to take on multiple roles at any given time. The more we juggle, the more our timing is off. No pun intended, we can come across in business as flighty, unfocused, or worse, we are viewed as challenged listeners.

The truth is we have too much focus. Today, if you experience a great desire to answer a question or provide a need, stop and think to yourself first. I have this grand desire to ask my question right now, is the timing right? That's all you have to do. Ask yourself am I truly focused on this topic, and is the timing right? Start practicing this step wherever you go.


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