Patricia La France
Practice Developer/Operations Manager

After managing Renaissance Plastic Surgery for almost 20 years, Patricia La France expanded the company and created Spa Renaissance in Troy with William A. Stefani, M.D., F.A.C.S. and Jeffrey L. Williams, M.D., F.A.C.S. Through a plethora of aesthetic knowledge, she specializes in patient/guest relations in all departments.

"As a complete wellness center, we take pride in our ethics, high standards in customer service, and helping you feel: Fabulous at Any Age,®"La France says. "The physicians and staff at Spa Renaissance are committed to providing a healthy approach to aging."

As a full-service salon, med-spa, and plastic surgery center, La France believes preventative skin and hair treatments can help you reach your goals; all with the added luxury of a fresh hair or nail color that can brighten up any look.

Spa Renaissance provides an environmentally friendly atmosphere through resourceful supplies and appliances, geothermal heating and cooling, added energy efficient aspects throughout the building, and many organic products. All natural skin and hair products protect and enhance, rather than compromising true beauty.

In their efforts to provide one convenient location, Spa Renaissance is one of the largest spas in metro Detroit. We offer over 60 different services specifically to cater to your needs.

Breast Reconstruction: A Woman’s Choice

Angelina Jolie’s brave announcement in the op-ed section of The New York Times in mid-May brought the topic of breast cancer and reconstruction to the forefront. Her story was personal. She shared medical details that educated many people on why her choice was important. Some may not have known that there’s a BRCA gene test that could help a woman determine if she has a genetic disposition for breast and ovarian cancer.

The BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes are directly linked to developing hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. Harmful mutations of these genes can increase a woman’s chances of cancer, but not every woman who has these mutations is guaranteed to get the disease. Like Jolie mentioned, because her mother passed away at age 56 ...

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Let’s Shake on It — Or Not!

You’re a business person. You negotiate, sign contracts, attend meetings, and in the process, shake a lot of hands. Your schedule runs all day and night, both at the office and at home. Ever think of how many hands — and germs — that you encounter before the day is over?

With this wild Michigan weather I can’t help but be annoyed by the common cold. It’s everywhere! As a health and wellness center we encourage our patients — and employees to consume fruits, vegetables, teas, and any vitamins you can pack in your system. We’re still in the business world though, and whether we want to admit it or not, it’s more settling to work with a clean, well-groomed associate than one who has something growing on his finger ...

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Shave Less — Breathe Clean

Shave Less — Breathe Clean

Whether you’re right here in the city or out in the country, we’re in agreement that Detroiters and Americans as a whole create too much garbage in landfills. Some of us more environmentally active than others — we recycle, reuse water bottles, and attempt to conserve energy as we see fit for our lifestyles. We know that conserving gas and increasing recycling can improve the air we breathe.

Over two billion disposable razors are bought in the country each year. Razors are non-biodegradable, and accumulating in landfills across the US. But there is a more environmentally-friendly option. Laser hair removal. This treatment only requires electricity and a bit of gel. Laser hair provides NO waste, the patient wears sterile goggles for ...

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Post-Holiday Frump?

With the holidays passing and resolutions brewing, we’re all thinking about getting into a healthier state of mind. Unfortunately, simply thinking about it won’t make you healthier. Some wonder where to start. You’ve probably heard us say time and time again, maintenance is key. Your favorite option might be a new gym membership, the latest diet, body contouring, or a combination of the three. Being healthy is more than just a trend; it’s a way of life. Some of us could use a bump of confidence or a little extra help but the more we are proactive about being healthy, the longer our health will last.

You could be an exercise junkie, with a near perfect body except for a layer of holiday fat around the midsection and some extra weight ...

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Neglecting Skin Care Can Lead to Disease

The skin is the largest and most visible organ of the body. And because caring for your skin is an often overlooked, at some point nearly everyone will face some type of skin disease.

All physicians would advise you not to neglect such a large portion of your body. The most common skin diseases are acne, eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, skin cancer, and psoriasis. What does this mean to you? If you want to take care of yourself and you think you might have a skin condition, read below for symptoms and causes.

  • Acne: The result of plugged pores in the skin. Formed into blackheads, whiteheads, cysts, pimples, and nodules. Commonly on the face, neck, shoulders, chest, and back. Did you know? 80 percent of teens experience acne and 60 percent of ...

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You Get What You Pay For

Holiday deals, marketing gimmicks, and primetime TV have sensationalized cosmetic procedures with a ‘which is a better deal’ attitude. Take Groupon for example, a great place for dancing lessons, cruises, or dinners, but not for plastic surgery. For cosmetic surgery, we suggest a slower, more measured approach. Your plastic surgeon should be chosen with time and care, not impulse.

Many medical providers such as OB-GYNs, dermatologists, dentists, and family practitioners are offering aesthetic services and cosmetic surgery. Some of them are even calling themselves cosmetic surgeons, business fueled not by their work and education but solely by marketing. In order to become a plastic surgeon, there are many steps one must take to achieve ...

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Massage Therapy Improves Overall Wellness

Did you know? According to The Chicago Tribune, more than 73 percent of working Americans continually consider themselves as stressed. To say that we don’t fall into this category would be irrational to Business Detroiters. The best way to maintain low stress levels is to take care of yourself and make choices that benefit your overall wellness.

Those of us who choose to take care of ourselves have many different tactics to combat the stresses of life. Some indulge in a comforting habit like an occasional glass of wine… or two. Some people take to running or a good book. All of us have a few tasks we enjoy doing to get a sense of relaxation or freedom from everyday pressures. What’s best for you?

Well, everyone ...

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How to Obtain Healthy Skin in Your 40’s

We all need to ‘save face’ sometimes; yes I mean your face in a literal sense. Although many cosmetics claim they can stop or reverse aging, it’s inevitable. From a medical standpoint, you can absolutely slow down the visual effects of aging with a little effort. Cosmetic products and treatments can get costly, so how do you know what’s worth it?

The very first facet to think about is where you’re getting your information.

Drug stores and marketing campaigns make false claims they can’t back up with science because they don’t legally need to. Pharmaceutical grade skincare products (like the one’s you’d find at the dermatologist, plastic surgeon’s office, or ...

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Botox: Toxic or Terrific?

Botox, some fear it and some love it. The product is feared because of a lack of education, bad experience with an under qualified injector, or an improper media portrayal. If used appropriately, this product can be your best friend. With some added information you may even be interested.

Get Educated: Botox Cosmetic is the first botulinum toxin approved by the FDA to treat certain wrinkles. Although it is scientifically called a toxin, Botox Cosmetic stemmed from a purified protein, which is safe and greatly effective when injected properly. Therefore, it is not a negative toxin.

Botox is used in patients over 18 for crow’s feet (around the outer corner of the eye), 1’s & 11’s (between eyebrows), and other ...

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Hair Extensions: Could You Tell?

Goddesses & queens all had long flowing hair. Magazines and stats typically say men prefer long Victoria’s Secret model hair. Maybe not in the days of goddesses but in the busy 21st Century the secret is usually hair extensions.

You could try to grow your hair through healthy maintenance but sometimes with life changes, hormones, stress, and the blow dryer, it’s just not realistic. Despite good DNA, you may even want thicker hair. This transition to long and full hair can be easy with hair extensions.

There are plenty of different popularly marketed brands and a few different ...

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Sun Damaged Skin?

Tired of layering on makeup to hide sun damaged skin? Do you have unwanted sun spots you’d like to get rid of? Not even sure how you got them?! If you educate yourself and seek out the right treatments you can achieve the beautiful skin you’ve always wanted!

First, you may have already decided you don’t like the way your skin looks due to red and brown spots. Some call them age spots or beauty marks but this discoloration is caused by prolonged sun exposure over many years. Although the sun provides Vitamin D, its rays are actually one of the most damaging environmental factors to our skin. A sunburn (and even a tan) is a sign that our skin has been damaged, starting the cycle of premature aging.

Next, you should decide how you ...

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The Spa Industry Grew Almost 500% in 10 Years

Everyone hopes to be healthy and live in comfort. Taking care of your body, mind, and spirit are the keys to success. With later (or evaporating) retirement, both men and women are interested in taking care of themselves longer. This is a large reason the number of spa locations grew from 4,140 in 1999 to 19,900 in 2010*.  Just like we maintain our cars and homes, caring for the human body takes effort. To help improve one’s health, everyone should consider visiting his or her local spa. If you’ve never been, you might be wondering what a spa can do for you.

Spa: (n) a business devoted especially to health, fitness, weight loss, beauty, or relaxation through a variety of professional ...

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