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Mark Winter, President, EO Detroit

Mark Winter is the President of EO Detroit and the Managing Partner of Bingham Farms-based Integrated Public Relations Firm Identity.

EO Detroit has 140 members accounting for more than 7,000 jobs and a combined revenue exceeding $1 billion.

Identity drives strategic communications programs for a diverse portfolio of clients across the United States. Comprised of a unified team of disciplined  specialists, the company provides strategy, counsel and execution in the areas of branding, media relations, marketing, social media and creative design.

Winter has more than 25 years of experience in the development and execution of creative, meaningful and measurable marketing and media relations programs.

During that time, Winter has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, small and midsize companies and large corporations establish their brands, tell their stories, generate awareness, soften their sales process and meet their goals.

Winter, who has served on serves on EO Detroit's Board of Directors since 2006, is a 1990 graduate of Western Michigan University where he earned degrees in both marketing and public relations.

He can be reached at 248.258.2333 or

Internet Marketing: Strategy Still Matters

One of the greatest things about our organization, EO Detroit, is our ability to tap our members to leverage their experience and expertise. If there is an opportunity or a challenge, there is likely an EO Detroit member who can show you the way.

Here’s a great example. Many businesses struggle with how evolving technology is impacting their marketing and communications efforts, the role it plays in maximizing a website. the role it plays in  search engine optimization, and the role it plays with regards to media tools and tactics.

One of our EO Detroit members is a pioneer and recognized leader in Internet marketing. Linda Girard is founder of Ann Arbor-based Internet marketing firm Pure ...

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Conquer your Fear…Using Public Speaking to Give Back to the Business Community

Several years ago, Toastmasters did a study of 3,000 people and asked, “What are you most afraid of?” Public speaking was number one. Death was actually number six!  But, for any person in a leadership position, public speaking can be a great way to give back to the business community, to build their own personal brand, and to provide valuable visibility for their organization.

For Entrepreneurs’ Organization’s Detroit member Rom LaPointe, embracing public speaking turned out to be one of the most gratifying experiences of his career.

In 2012, Rom, president of i3Logic In Pontiac, attended the national Entrepreneurs’ Organization Leadership Academy, a prestigious educational gathering attended by 25 entrepreneurs ...

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Entrepreneurs Drive Detroit Recovery

I get it. I really do. We live in the Motor City and the auto industry is our bread and butter. It has and will continue to be a primary driver of our local economy.

But if you pick up the local dailies, you’d think that was all that was going on here. As I did a quick scan of both business sections today, roughly 90 percent of the coverage was automotive oriented. I saw one major story about downtown development and another about a tech start-up that had relocated from Silicon Valley. And that was pretty much it for the non-auto world.

But, we all know that Detroit is far more than just cars. It’s heath care, it’s high tech, it’s higher education…and it’s entrepreneurialism. And that’s where we come in ...

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Transportation Strategy and Funding in the Region

This year a Transportation Reauthorization bill will be negotiated at the federal level. This will shape transportation policy and funding for the next several years, and Michigan will need to be prepared in order to move important projects forward. States nationwide are developing their strategy to meet the need of their potential economic and environmental opportunities, which will provide a greater leverage to participating in new funding models. Is Michigan prepared for a new national policy strategy and positioned to compete in new funding models?

Transportation strategy and future funding models are truly critical to the future growth of our region. It’s no secret that our nation’s transportation systems are woefully behind other countries ...

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Changing the Perception of Our Region

It’s time for us to work collectively on changing the conversation about Detroit — this is something I feel particularly passionate about. There is tremendous growth opportunity here, and there’s no one but us to lead the charge, and there is no one but us to reap the benefits.

So how do we do it — how do we work to change the conversation about Detroit?

Working to influence media coverage is naturally the first answer that comes to mind, and may be our best ally in such an endeavor. And boy, do we have a captive audience, at least for the next year, while Time magazine reports from the house it bought in the city to document Detroit right now, what Editor in Chief John Huey called “a great American story.” ...

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Working Together to Elect Accountable Leaders

The economic environment of the Detroit region is not predicted to change in the immediate future; however, our local and statewide leadership is. Thus, there is tremendous opportunity for a strategic effort by the business community to help ensure accountability in elected offices and a positive future for Michigan’s economy.

The Detroit region — and Michigan for that matter — are not only competing with other metropolitan regions around the nation, but are also competing with regions around the globe. These regions, located in countries like Ireland, the United Arab Emirates, India, and China, are fiercely vying for business investment and job creation with regions such as Detroit. The regions that illustrate they can work collaboratively toward ...

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