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Offering the largest movie tax incentives in the country, Michigan's film industry has set a record for investment and employment. Michigan Films offers the latest on stars, movies, and production houses being shot in the Great Lakes state.

New Additions 08-09-09


Feature Film 05-14-09

601 Cleveland St., Ste. 930 Clearwater, FL 33755
170 Kimberly Court Senoia, GA 30276 cindy@cinepropictures.com
PHONE - 727-442-5775 - 678-817-0102
FAX - 727-442-5755 - 678-817-5999

STATUS - October 2009 LOCATION - Grand Rapids, Michigan
PRODUCER/DIRECTOR: Philippe Martinez PM: Nir Amran WRITER: Nick Vallelonga - Paul Sloan
CAST: Ray Stevenson - Jaime King - Stephen Moyer - Robert Duvall - James Caan
BAUER MARTINEZ ENT. 8439 W. Sunset Blvd., Ste. 100 West Hollywood, CA 90069 727-582-9939 Fax 727-582-9709

At an unspecified time in the future, a post-apocalyptic New York City has become surrounded by an ...

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Made in Michigan

In April 2008, Michigan began providing up to 42% in tax credits for all money spent while producing a film in the state — the largest incentives in the country. About $65.4 million was spent producing films in Michigan in 2008, employing around 2,763 Michigan residents for the duration of the production. More is expected this year. Below is a list of movies being produced in Michigan that have yet to be released, ranging from big budget blockbusters to artsy independents. If you know of other movies being filmed in the state, please send us an email at editorial@dbusiness.com.

All’s Faire in Love

Genre: Comedy
Plot: Two rival medieval ...

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