Internet Enterprises

David Farbman
Founder and CEO, Outside Hub Inc.

David Farbman used to be in the real-estate business but now describes himself as more of “an Internet visionary.” Internet Enterprises will focus on technology and how government can increase revenue so that Michigan can once again be a great flourishing state.

Effective Communication — Today and Always

I have been slacking in a big way at stepping up and blogging for, but it has been a little hectic of late. I say that same thing every year right after Thanksgiving. The hunting season is almost over, and soon I will be an insanely attentive, intense leader once again, and tasks like pumping out a blog will be easier for me. In the fall, I am a hard core bow hunter and I kind of go a little off the grid other then trying to handle being CEO of our Internet business, which I admittedly do a fair job at best during the rut (period where breeding is occurring among white tailed deer). Even during the hunting season I believe that I “do not confuse activity with results,” so I try to run everything from my BlackBerry. I email directions to my team ...

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