International Communication

Randi Lou Franklin
Founder and President, INTER-LINGUA, Grosse Pointe Woods

Randi Lou Franklin, a language and translation expert, holds degrees in Spanish, French, and Anthropology from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México and University of Michigan. In addition, she has a law degree from Michigan State University School of Law (formerly Detroit College of Law) and a Certificate of Specialization in international law from Magdalen College at Oxford, England. Franklin also has a master's degree in foreign language education. INTER-LINGUA offers translation and interpretation services – with legal work being a specialty -- to public and private sector clients, which range from sole proprietorships to multinational corporations.

International Communication will focus on cultural differences around the world as it relates to business relationships.

Am I Understood?

There are so many options available to the businessperson — once they have decided to go outside of their backyard. Let’s be heard. 

What does your website look like? Compare it to others in your business. How about those in a similar field doing business internationally? We discussed in earlier blogs the importance of colors, numbers, and symbols. You might be turning off someone you are attempting to build a relationship with and not even realize it.

Take a moment, re-examine what you are saying in your website. Is your message clear? It needs to reach out to your current customers, but how about those you are reaching out to beyond your borders, wherever they are? You might want to tweak it to be more ...

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What Do You Expect Globally?

This world of ours is forever shrinking. What used to be intangible for main stream businesses is available via the Internet, mobile phones, iPad, and countless other media.

There are so many new markets that were unreachable by small business in the past and now are solely a click away. It is almost difficult to believe more businesses have not gone global. All business development involves homework! Yes, homework will prepare you so that this new road has minimum curves and bumps. For example, what are the cultural implications of your product/service? How your literature and brand are presented may draw negative implications in that culture.

Did you know that the colors in which you market, in many cultures (not ...

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Breaking Global Barriers

As a businessperson, you have learned that relationships are key to being in business and growing it. What do they do? They break down barriers. What is important is to learn what steps need to be taken to create these relationships. 

Sometimes it is as easy as asking someone you know who has a connection to make that initial introduction. Other times you may need to attend events such as ones that the Detroit Regional Chamber or Automation Alley put on; they will provide the first of many steps toward developing the relationship that will allow you to break that barrier. In addition, you will want to start creating your global relationships by using some of the numerous social media sites to open your reach. For example, access your current ...

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Importance of Reaching Global

Today you can reach out across the world in nano seconds, but then what do you do? How do you relate? What steps does one take? And in what order? What are your expectations? And theirs? These questions will be answered over the next several blogs?

First of all, yes YOU can go global. It is no longer the place of mega corporations; now it is fertile ground open to solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and basically anyone. Going global, just like when you started your business, takes time and preparation, but anything worthwhile does

Second:  Let’s think about why go global? There is so much (a whole world) out there for your business to grow. In fact, international trade has grown, even in these ...

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Getting Serious About Global Business

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