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L. Brooks Patterson
County Executive, Oakland County, Michigan

Politics — Federal, State, and Local
tracks a range of legislative initiatives as they relate to businesses in metro Detroit, including proposed tax initiatives, government regulations, environmental actions, and economic-development activities.

Smarmy Reid

Watching a food fight in a fraternity house would have been more dignified than witnessing what happened in the United States Senate on Christmas Eve. Monty Hall would have blushed at the deal making — no, calling it "deal making" would be a euphemism for bribery, corruption, and kickbacks on a scale never seen in American politics before.

The unscrupulous Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid — with the obvious blessing of Barack Hussein Obama — recklessly violated the system, had his way with the minority party, and worst of all, abused the overwhelming majority of citizens and taxpayers in America. With contemptible smugness, Reid ...

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Lansing's Budget Fiasco is a Train Wreck!

There’s so much happening in our town and in our region I can’t decide what to blog about, so let me hit several disparate subjects.

The Budget Fiasco

First, the train wreck in Lansing. Some would call it the “Annual Budget Process,” others would call it the showdown in the Garden of Good and Evil. Still, others of us find the whole process to be akin to watching a man standing outside a bank pulling down a ski mask. You know what’s going to follow can’t be good.

The state is in budgetary disarray. No, that’s far too kind:  budgetary hell. The current fiscal year is still a mess. It appears as though our process here in Michigan was designed by Rube Goldberg, and Bernie Madoff is our budget director. Next ...

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Welcome to the Tea Party, America

When the greatest nation in the history of mankind is being pulled off its axis by Washington, D.C.’s unchecked, left wing ideologue legislation, of course the sons and daughters of the Greatest Generation are going to protest … and protest loudly.

Welcome to the tea party, America.

Grass root Americans, the Silent Majority, are understandably nervous and upset. I’ve worked for these people for nearly 35 years, and one would be wrong to underestimate their innate intelligence. There is a steadily growing, almost galvanic response, to the costly legislation rolling out of Washington, unchecked. These taxpayers have the ability to do the math and reach alarming conclusions: First there was the $700 billion TARP program, followed closely by the ...

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The Great American Cauldron

We’ve all heard about the experiment with the frog in the cauldron. The story goes something like this: You throw a frog into a cauldron of boiling water, obviously it’s DOA.

But if you put a frog in a cauldron of water and turn up the heat only slightly, the frog will splash around having a good old time.

Bring the heat up a little bit more and the frog is taking a warm tubby at this point, not a problem.

Turn the heat up more and more and before the frog figures out what’s happening, he’s in boiling water and dies a terrible death.

Well, today we’re all frogs, and America is the cauldron. The federal government is turning up the heat, and we don’t even notice.

“What heat?” you might ask. How ...

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