Ren J. Carlton
Dynamic Advisory Solutions

Starting with little more than a basement "office," a short list of contacts, and his trusty cell phone, Ren J. Carlton launched Dynamic Advisory Solutions in January 2000, and thus began the arduous, yet rewarding, process of building a successful company from scratch. This was no accident. Ren knew that to truly help entrepreneurs improve their accounting practices, he would have to live how they lived, worry like they worried, and grow like they grew.

Along the way, Ren created and hosted a weekly radio show, "The Business Reality Network," designed to nurture both aspiring entrepreneurs as well as seasoned business owners. He wrote a popular book, Profitpreneurship, now in its second printing. And he began delivering live presentations advocating smarter accounting practices for business groups as small as 20 and as large as 2,000. Additionally, Ren has maintained his CFO blog since the time blogs were invented. His consulting blog is perpetually updated with a wide variety of entrepreneurial - focused content that goes above and beyond basic accounting advice.

Now in its 13th year, Dynamic Advisory Solutions continues to grow as Ren's team delivers solutions to companies whose accounting departments cannot perform at the level of expertise required to sustain growth in a competitive marketplace. DAS's focus on Training, Staffing, and Outsourcing delivers customized, ala carte solutions on a pay-as-you-go basis that permits companies to get the help they need without hiring an expensive, fulltime CFO.

Ren has contributed his expertise to numerous non-profit organizations, including the Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants Ethics Task Force, the Detroit Chapter of the Entrepreneur's Organization Board of Directors, and the Troy Community Foundation Board of Directors.

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Eminent Domain of Mortgages to Save Communities?

In many communities, there was rapid over-development and money far too easily loaned. As a result, prior to 2008, properties were simply sold for too much money. A correlation between the availability of the loan dollars and the underlying market demand created a false “post” economy and took the market somewhat away from “fair market value.” It was in the context of so many fraudulent mortgages, fraudulent credit applications, and the overzealous desire to make a dollar that created what has been a tough market for the last 3.5 to 4 years.

On one hand, the market is the market. If the money is available to buy a piece of property and the property buys and sells at that price, that becomes the market. The whole notion of fair market ...

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How I Landed My First CFO Gig at 27

After graduating college and earning my CPA, I spent two and a half years in public accounting. In this time I worked at three different firms, only to realize that I did not enjoy public accounting. Seeing as I had no real marketable skills and my employment track record was questionable at best, I needed to figure out something fast.

At the time my CPA buddies and I often joked about being a chief financial officer. After all, weren’t we smarter than the CFOs we met when doing audits for business clients? Determined to prove that theory, I started applying for CFO jobs. To my surprise, I received a call back from one of my applications. It was from a business owner whose company was in a bind. His entire management team had left, and he needed ...

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Last Minute Tax Planning Checklist

Before you file on April 17, have you considered the following credits and deductions to lower your overall small business tax bill?

Hiring Incentives

The Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment (HIRE) Act was enacted in March 2010 to promote hiring, among other things. In 2010, the ACT provided a break to employers from paying the employer portion of the Social Security tax on newly hired eligible employees.

In 2011, the Act provides a benefit up to $1,000 per employee in to employers that continue to employ eligible employees for 52 consecutive weeks.  This amount is obtained through a credit taken on the business return filed in 2011.

Capital Expenditures

One of the key ...

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Deadline approaching to file “Unclaimed Property Voluntary Disclosure Agreement”

Your business may be one of the over 350,000 companies with Michigan operations who recently received a notice from the Michigan Department of Treasury, urging you to file an “Unclaimed Property Voluntary Disclosure Agreement” (VDA).  Many of you may have questions surrounding the notice and how to comply.  The following question and answer segment is designed to assist with addressing some of these concerns.

Question #1:

Q: What is Unclaimed Property?

A: Unclaimed property is generally any fixed and determinable legal obligation owed to another that has not been paid out to them prior to the expiration of the dormancy period.  The top four unclaimed property types are:
(a)  accounts ...

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