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Thriving in Ambiguity: A Change of Mindset

Most people prefer to work in an environment where expectations about their roles and responsibilities are clearly stated. Generally, people feel more confident and comfortable when they know what is expected of them.

But in these uncertain times, clarity and direction seem to be two luxuries that many businesses just don’t have.

That is why many companies are looking to their new leaders to establish order and set a course for growth and prosperity. The types of leaders that are being hired are those who thrive in ambiguous environments. These are people that seem to be very comfortable with discomfort.

Research done recently by the Executive Development Group suggests,
That the ability to positively manage uncertainty may be an essential trait of effective leaders, often found in those considered high potentials…These leader types accommodate ambiguity and the uncertainty it brings. They are confident in making decisions that move their organizations into uncharted territory because they know this ensures long-term prosperity. They have ‘solid cores’ that allow them to navigate the unknown and accept not knowing everything. And they tend to have a longer view because they see time as a continuum in which uncertainty will come and go as they progress. Being uncertain doesn’t stifle them.” 

It seems that right now, companies are seeking out these types of leaders and this is a good sign. It means that the short-sighted days of just treading water and keeping the business afloat are waning. With fearless leadership comes the opportunity for growth, production, and renewed prosperity for everyone involved.

This change in mindset has been a long time coming and is a welcome change to the sea of ambiguity we have been swimming in for years.


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Joseph F. Bastian
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