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Fine of the Times

At the 34th District Court on Wayne Road in Romulus, the cash register begins ringing early most weekday mornings as dozens of motorists and lawyers, traffic tickets in hand, line up to play the Downriver court’s version of Let’s Make A Deal.

The Brain Gain

The government restructured the auto industry; now it needs to restructure immigration. Why is that important for Michigan?

2013 Michigan State of the State Address

Tonight, as your governor, I want to celebrate Michigan!

Winds of Fortune

Over the past several months, everyone from media personalities to politicians has expounded on a long list of economic problems that have arguably created a one-state depression in Michigan. Most of us have heard the gloomy statistics so many times, we could recite them in our sleep.

Power Bandits

In overgrown, trash-lined alleys all over Detroit — even in upscale West Bloomfield Township, and as far away as the Upper Peninsula — a potentially lethal and expensive cat-and-mouse game is playing out every day at a steep cost to residents and businesses.

Wood Works

At Environmental Wood Solutions in Lake Orion, owner Larry Mullins is living proof that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Revival of the Fittest

Patiently waiting for an economic recovery, northern Michigan’s resorts aren’t just resting on their laurels.

A Great Leap Forward

China offers plenty of growth potential for the Big Three, but to gain further traction, the automakers must stay ahead of consumer tastes, expand into rural markets, and hope that government protectionists don’t squeeze them out.


Gone are the lavish vehicle launches at idyllic resorts. Today, the media must wade through the halls of Congress, hold their own with an auto czar, or read the White House tea leaves to gauge the direction of the domestic auto industry.
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